• YVR Shoots: Joel Kinnaman & Mireille Enos Film THE KILLING Near Cobalt Hotel

    April 25, 2013
    The Killing’s dynamic detective duo Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman) and Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) did a walk and talk today south along Main Street towards the Cobalt Hotel in Vancouver, so that noted foodie Holder could pick up a slice from Pizzeria Farina. I’m kidding about Holder being a gourmand but several funny Holderisms have been about food — like him calling Chinese takeout “fu manchu poo poo MSG crap” while arguing that “pickles are vegetables”.

    In rehearsal, Joel Kinnaman looked more like Robocop (his upcoming feature film) than Holder in a navy t-shirt until he put on the bulky Holder hoodie and jacket, while Mireille Enos (who plays Brad Pitt’s wife in the upcoming World War Z) was unmistakably the Sarah Linden we remember, with her russet hair tied back and the Scandinavian sweater under a black coat. During breaks from filming the scene the two leads laughed and joked, but didn’t crack a single smile while in character until Mireille Enos messed up a take. [Why all the seriousness? Perhaps because the season 3 case is about a serial killer who preys on street kids.









  • A Fan’s Perspective: Why Michelle Forbes Made The Killing My Favorite Show on TV

    Mitch Larsen

    A Fan’s Perspective: Why Michelle Forbes Made The Killing My Favorite Show on TV

    By @teamForbes

    Michelle Forbes has definitely come a long way in the field of acting.  She debuted on our television screens at the age of 22, portraying twins on the daytime soap “Guiding Light’ (for which she received a Daytime Emmy Award nomination).  She later appeared in feature films/tv programs “Kalifornia” and HBO’s “True Blood” (portraying the enigmatic Maryann Forrester).

    Accordingly, it should come as no surprise that the Austin, Texas native, Michelle Forbes, would win a Saturn Award for her powerful portrayal of Mitch Larsen in one of AMC TV’s biggest and most popular series, “The Killing”.

    Michelle rocks her character, Mitch Larsen, in every aspect imaginable.  For someone who has never had the joy of motherhood or experienced the tragedy of losing a child, she plays a grieving parent exceptionally and convincingly well.  Forbes is such an accomplished and talented actress that it is surprising how her gift is overlooked by so many.  Michelle Forbes is to Mitch Larsen, what Faye Dunaway was to Joan Crawford in “Mommy Dearest.”  Certainly, some people will like her, some will hate her, and others cannot distinguish between the actor and the role.

    Forbes is like a chameleon, in that, like a chameleon changes colors to adjust to the background it sits on, Forbes changes her demeanor to fit the characters she portrays.  Michelle makes “The Killing” a crime drama that reaches out of the TVscreen, grabs the viewer by the throat, and does not let go until it’s done.  As Mitch, Michelle Forbes is magnificent, brilliant, and one if the best character actresses around.  And “The Killing” would not have been the same without Michelle Forbes as Mitch Larsen.

    ABOUT THE AUTHOR: You can follow @teamFORBES  on Twitter for more fan information about Michelle Forbes and The Killing.  A huge Michelle Forbes fan since the beginning of her acting career, @teamFORBES is a native Texan who enjoys science fiction, horror, and comedy movies.  @teamFORBES also enjoys reading, writing, poetry, and playing guitar.

  • The Killing Retrospective: 5 Things to Remember from Episode 1.02 “The Cage”


    1. Stan and his wife, Mitch, Larsen identify the body as their daughter, Rosie Larsen.  Linden’s supervisor, Lieutenant Oakes, studies a butterfly necklace and a key chain with a bird emblem found on Rosie’s body.  Oakes pleads with Linden to remain on the case at least one more day to look into the Darren Richmond campaign, as the keys to the campaign vehicle were discovered in the ignition of the submerged vehicle.

    2. Linden and Holder visit the Darren Richmond campaign office, and Linden implores Richmond to refrain from commenting publicly about the Rosie Larsen murder.  Later, Richmond’s campaign aides, Gwen Eaton and Jamie Wright, encourage Richmond to go public with the news of the Larsen murder likening the tragedy to his own wife’s death in order to generate voter sympathy.  Richmond refuses to do so, but he privately orders an internal investigation.  Later, he receives a telephone call from a reporter requesting information about Rosie Larsen and the campaign car.

    3. Linden and Holder learn the Darren Richmond campaign reported the car retrieved from the lake stolen on Saturday morning following the Friday dance Rosie attended.  Since multiple campaign workers used the vehicle, drivers frequently left the keys in the ignition for convenience.  Linden and Holder interview Rosie’s friend, Sterling, who admits she lost track of Rosie at the dance on Friday night and assumed she was with former boyfriend, Jasper.  Holder notes the expensive designer shoes that Rosie wore to the dance on Friday night and concludes that Jasper, from an affluent family, could likely afford such a gift.  Before Linden is able to complete her interview with Jasper at Fort Washington High School, Jasper’s father, Michael Ames, arrives and terminates the police interview with his son.  Once alone with Jasper, Michael strikes his son in the face.

    4. While loitering outside the school, Holder visits with two girls about nearby campus party places, and one girl mentions a venue known as “The Cage.”  Holder locates the secret room in an abandoned, boarded-off area of the school basement.

    5. At the station, Oakes discusses the coroner’s report on the death of Rosie Larsen with Linden.  Linden learns that, although the time of death is unclear, Rosie was alive when the car entered the water because she ripped off her fingernails trying to claw her way out of the sinking vehicle.  Even though Linden insists she is leaving for Sonoma, she visits “The Cage” at Holder’s behest, finding a blood-soaked mattress, drug paraphernalia, a hat similar to the one Rosie wore to the dance, and a filthy wall covered in bloody handprints.


  • The Killing Retrospective: 5 Things to Remember from Episode 1.01 “Pilot”


    1. Homicide Detective Sarah Linden of the Seattle Police Department is preparing to move to Sonoma, California in order to marry her fiancé, Rick, and to begin a new life with son, Jack, when she agrees to handle one last assignment, taking her soon-to-be replacement, Stephen Holder, with her to the crime scene.

    2. At the crime scene, Linden and Holder discover a bloody pink sweater and an ATM card bearing the name, “Stanley Larsen.”  Linden and Holder contact the Larsen family and learn daughter, Rosie Larsen, did not stay the weekend with a friend and has not been seen since for two days.

    3. At Fort Washington High School (where Rosie is a student), Linden urges school officials, Darren Richmond, a Seattle City Councilman and Mayoral Candidate, and incumbent Seattle Mayor, Lesley Adams, to cancel the student assembly planned to feature the two political rivals in light of Rosie’s disappearance.

    4. Stanley Larsen contacts Rosie’s friend, Sterling, who confesses that Rosie was with Jasper, a former boyfriend, over the weekend, and when several possible burial sites nearby where the bloody sweater was found lead nowhere, Linden reluctantly prepares to leave the scene, assuming Rosie Larsen is no longer a missing person.

    5. As Linden prepares to leave the scene, she spots three people with fishing poles walking a fire road to nearby lake.  As night falls, a crane hoists a black car out of the lake with a teenage girl, bound and dead in the trunk.  The license plate number on the car reveals the vehicle belongs to the Darren Richmond mayoral campaign.