In Memoriam: Lauren Lester Allison


Our beloved Lauren Lester Allison passed away on March 17, 2016 due to complications with her blood clot disorder. The following was her last call to action, as were were getting ready to launch The Catch Fans website.

“We are so very excited to announce the development of The Catch Fan Group website where fans like us can come together to chat, write, and create art about the upcoming Shondaland series, The Catch. This is our second big adventure supporting our very favorite leading lady, @iammireilleenos, as our team rallied an entire fandom around the world to save one of our very favorite television programs of all time, #TheKilling, when it faced cancellation at AMC before later moving to Netflix where our loyal fan group truly received the ending we deserved. Throughout the process, we discovered that social media affords fans the opportunity to become a part of one another’s lives while we watch the story of fictional yet inspirational characters together. While we promoted #TheKilling, we made lifelong best friends. We supported one another through laughter and sadness, marriage and divorce, love and loss, the birth of children, college graduations, and career changes. We found our friendships firmly cemented forever, our bond very real even if it started engrossed in the story of just fictional characters. We got tattoos together. We spent holidays together. We vacationed together. We became a family.

We understand now why art is so important. We thank the actors, actresses, writers, directors, producers, and crew of The Catch more than you could possibly imagine for we suspect you may not realize that as we invite you and your beautiful stories into our world weekly, we likewise open our hearts to connect with people like us and often build friendships that will far outlast even the most resilient television series. Today, we are proud to announce the formal creation of The Catch Fan Group, a place where fans can come together every week to find a friend, to talk about the show and what is happening in their everyday lives without judgment, to write a blog and share our thoughts about the plot, or perhaps to create an original piece of artwork about The Catch and its characters. Our fan group will be a place where fans can collaborate to build one another up without fear of judgment, and we invite the cast and crew of #TheCatch to interact with us with confidence that we will always treat you with gratitude, dignity, and kindness. We exist to offer encouragement and never criticism. We are deeply grateful for whatever you are able to share with us. Our admins, the mean lawyer, @resipsalauren, and the contemplative artist, @msmaxey2813, insist that members of our group will always respect and celebrate your right to enjoy a private life with your family beyond the show.

On Friday, March 18, 2016, our fan website will officially go LIVE. We will share two blogs written by our resident mean lawyer, @resipsalauren, welcoming new fans to our group and offering her very best guesses about some of the burning questions we have about The Catch after studying the preview only a few thousand times. We will also begin a new fan art series by @msmaxey2813 entitled, “The Exhibits,” where she will depict items from the previews we believe might offer clues as to the location of the con man who absconded with our leading lady’s hard-earned money. If you are a fan of The Catch, its actors, actresses, or behind-the-scenes professionals and want to contribute to our website by writing a fan blog, painting a portrait, sharing original music, making a photo collage, or any other type of medium to express yourself about the story, please feel free to reach out to us! Comment below! We will gladly put you to work!

As we wait for our premiere day on March 24, 2016 at 10/9 CST on ABC, please connect with us on social media. Our group admins are Melissa Maxey (Twitter: @msmaxey) and Lauren Lester Allison (Twitter: @ResIpsa422). You can follow our entire The Catch Fan Group Executive Leadership Team on Twitter as well: @thecatchfans, @TheKillingNLFX, @TheCatchTGIT, @FanofTheCatch, @WatchTheCatch, @TheCatchRocks!, @FanofMireille, @AliceVaughnFan, @PIAliceVaughn, @ChaoticOrder422, and @TeamAliceVaughn.

Here is our The Catch Fans group information:

Facebook: Search “The Catch Fans”

Twitter: @thecatchfans

Instagram: @thecatchfans

Pinterest: The Catch Fans

We could not be more excited about this game of cat and mouse. Are you ready? Let’s play….”

Lauren and I were so excited to have the opportunity to work together, forming TheKillingFanGroup and TheCatchFans. The short time that we spent together changed my life, she was my best friend and mentor. When we met, almost 4 years ago, we knew that we would have a long lasting friendship. We both loved the X Files and The Killing, shows that had strong female red-headed lead characters. We had many conversations about the plot of these shows and where our beloved characters would end up. Lauren talked about how Sarah Linden’s character was just like herself. She was driven to find answers, was a runner but always knew that there would be someone in her life that always stayed. Funny how life takes us on twists and turns and how we still end up where we are suppose to be, just like Linden, Lauren came full circle and ended up home. It has been a difficult 8 months for me without her. We started a journey together that I now face, at the helm, alone. Our fan group continues to grow and we have many fans who helped support us, while we worked to save The Killing. We have so much gratitude for the opportunities we were afforded to let the networks know, that we stood together for a show that we love.

I wanted to share with you a picture I took of Lauren in July of 2015.
The location is a place close to her, a place that consumed her mind. It was where a family tragedy occurred and she had spent the last few years writing about. Some day I hope to see those words published in her honor.


See, She is Sarah Linden!

I will always remember the times that we shared Lauren.

Melissa Maxey

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