New- Veena Sud Indie Film: The Salton Sea



“A woman known only as the Driver has been on the road for days running from a secret in her past. Drunk one morning, she hits something on a remote road…. is it human or animal? Alive or dead? Instead of finding out, she drives away. A Hitchhiker sees this and blackmails her for a ride to the sea. And thus begins the odyssey of two troubled women fleeing through a deserted land as broken, as parched and as in need of redemption, as they are.

On the road, these two strangers find solace and humor in one another, also clash mightily in this desert of beautiful vistas. Their drive through this stark land is a meditation on death, on grief, regret and ultimately, finding one’s way home. In a stunning twist, the Driver realizes that her companion holds a secret that will change the Driver’s journey through this land of blinding light and lost souls profoundly.”

Here is the link to purchase tickets:

Veena Sud

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