Joel Kinnaman ECPATs Ambassador

“‘I was exposed to sexual assault for the first time when I was five-years-old. Until I turned 10, every rape were videotaped. Today, there’s still sitting perpetrators behind computers all over the world who pay for being able to watch the horrible thing that I’ve gone through. Therefore, for me, the sexual assaults never end. The few people that have been arrested have only been sentenced to paying a fine.’ This letter is from Carl, 14-years-old. How can you only be sentenced to paying a fine after you’ve distributed pictures and movies of sexual assaults against children? Exactly, it’s a damn crappy penalty scale. Share this movie and you become an ECPAT supporter. Support our demand that no one who have assaulted children will get away with only a fine. #crappypenaltyscale”. Joel Kinnaman

Translation: Märta Sjöström

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