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With a mere FOUR days before Season 4 of “The Killing” debuts exclusively on Netflix, we figured it was just about time to do the usual: Predict what will happen with many of the burning questions left unanswered after Season 3 and then see how many episodes we make it before we have to eat our words.  As you know, our fan group correctly predicted almost everything in the Season 3 finale, except the killer, which was, admittedly, quite a big miss.  We wish we could reassure you that these answers will be slightly more accurate, but with a creative team like we have on “The Killing,” trying to read their minds is always a foolhardy endeavor.  Regardless, we hope that our (likely wrong) suppositions will, at least, get you thinking, guessing, surmising about all things “The Killing” between now and Friday.  We would love to hear your thoughts as well, so please feel free to tell us how wrong we are by tweeting us at @TheKillingNFLX.  Without further ado, here are a few things we think we think about “The Killing” (we think):




  • Our guess: Almost Certainly
  • Rationale: Previews can certainly be deceiving, but Linden’s voice saying, “There’s got to be another way,” suggests she will not be calmly sitting on the knowledge that all of the Piper’s victims, including victims we may or may not even know, are likely at the bottom of the lake by Skinner’s property.  There is no way that Sarah Linden finds any peace whatsoever with the knowledge that those victims’ families do not have closure about what happened to their loved ones.  In TV Guide, Mireille Enos commented that Veena Sud managed to write Linden’s ending that brought her character to “a place of peace” that made her cry.  We do not think that is possible without those victims being unearthed from their watery graves.  Whether Linden turns herself in or finds “another way” to alert Carl Reddick or another member of SPD about the location of the remains, we are virtually certainly SPD will, in fact, find all of the victims that are, well, findable.




  • Our Guess: Turning herself in or death, presumably while saving someone else like Holder as a sacrifice to atone for her act in Season 3, seem the most viable options.  We do not believe she will run.
  • Rationale: Yes, our fan group has been actively discussing the likelihood Sarah Linden will meet an untimely end in Season 4 since literally thirty seconds after Season 3 ended, and even though we absolutely abhor it, it is utterly impossible to think this is beyond the realm of possibility.  From a literary perspective, it is not hard to imagine the idea of giving your life to atone for the sin of taking someone else’s life.  For Sarah Linden, although she understood some ambiguity about who the actual “bad guy” is since the beginning of Season 1, we think she always viewed herself in a much more black and white manner.  She may understand the limitations of her own ability to, say, be a mother, but we do not ever think that Sarah Linden thought of herself as anything other than one of the “good guys.”  That shifted radically for Linden in the final moments of the Season 3 finale, and we suspect she will spend much of Season 4 wondering if she is a monster in much the same way as those we have seen her put in handcuffs.  Even though Skinner was certainly not an innocent, does that automatically make her execution without due process of law any more, well, lawful?  Justifiable?  While a few among the group seem fairly keen on the idea of Linden turning herself in, our resident lawyer (while always advocating, in a general sense, that you personally abstain from violating the law and that if you do so, call her immediately), @ResIpsa422 maintains that she will only surrender if she can do so without endangering (and immediately telling) her best friend, Stephen Holder, and said best friend will never knowingly allow her to sacrifice herself in that way to protect him.  Even if we cannot entirely agree on precisely how she meets justice, we all agree that running, even though it is something she has done in the past, will, in all likelihood, not be an option.  Holder did tell her in “Six Minutes” that all of this running only means that, in the end, she “loses everything.”  We think Sarah Linden will ultimately “lose everything,” but when she does so, we think she will do so to serve a purpose, to right a wrong.   If she makes peace with her mother (Frances Fisher) and son, Jack, she will be all the more prepared for that purpose.

LindenSeason4HeadshotFAN CAVEAT: Although we think this makes sense logically, as fans of this show, this character, we absolutely HATE this prospective ending.  It will shatter our hearts…not to mention the heart of a certain character that Entertainment Weekly called Linden’s “soul mate.”  Is it possible for Holder to have a happy ending without her?




  • Our Guess: Likely No
  • Rationale: Even though Joel Kinnaman and Mireille Enos have palpable chemistry, an underlying subtext that makes many of the interactions between their characters even more intriguing, the two characters have definitive obstacles to any sort of sexual intimacy.  First, Holder is in a relationship with Caroline Swift, one that will likely become even more serious when he discovers that she is pregnant in Season 4.  Second, Linden killed the only person we ever really thought she loved in the season finale of Season 3, shortly after spurning, albeit appropriately, Holder’s attempt to kiss her.  Need we say more?  Well, Season 4 is only six episodes in length, and those episodes include presumably resolution of the Pied Piper case and an entirely new murder case for our dynamic duo.  Oh, and for all of you “shippers” out there which may or may not include some of us here among our leadership team, Mireille Enos was filming Season 4 while she was very pregnant, so we think it is relatively unlikely you’ll be getting any wild “True Blood”-style romp.  We offer that final disclaimer with the same amount of understatement as the writers used when Jennifer Skinner referred to James Skinner as a man that keeps secrets.  For our eternal optimists, allow us to offer the following morsels of hope for at least a “romantic encounter” between these two partners.  Holder promised he would not kiss her again in “Six Minutes,” and promises are made to be broken.  We also understand that “When Harry Met Sally” logic that two attractive people cannot work in such close proximity without the sex or the lack thereof becoming at least a momentary obstacle for one or both of them at some point.  Did we see a flicker of that in “Reckoning” in the dark on Holder’s leather couch or was that merely alcohol and grief?  Sarah Linden surely cannot be completely daft about Holder’s feelings for her in Season 4, particularly if he risks his own freedom, his very life, to protect her after watching her execute a man presumed innocent until proven guilty in the court of law.  Still, she has never been a woman to go very long without a man or, uh, boatman, in her bed, so perhaps the mood will strike her.  We also absolutely know and admire what Netflix can do with a pair laden with tension (See: The last minute of “F*cksgiving,” Orange is the New Black, Season 1, Episode 9), so we understand the temptation here.  The best answer we ever got on this particular issue came from one of our favorite guys in The Killing Fan Group, and frankly, his logic is the clearest we have heard on this issue.  We asked him, “Do you think Holder will keep his promise not to kiss Linden in Season 4?”  He immediately replied no.  When we laughed and asked why, he said, “Just look at her.”  How could you possibly argue with that?  Just look at her.





  • Our Guess: Doubt it.
  • Rationale: Yes, for those of you who missed TV Guide this week, Stephen Holder’s girlfriend, Caroline Swift, is pregnant.  As much as we love the rare moments on screen when Holder is interacting with children, it still seems impossible to view this as little more than a gimmick to play on Holder’s guilt about concealing Linden’s actions from the authorities. Further, his relationship with Sarah Linden, whether romantic or platonic, remains the most significant relationship in his world.  Sharing the ultimate secret with her, while it may chafe this pair at times, will also create moments of intimacy between the two we have yet to see on screen.  Is it possible to have that type of relationship with another beautiful woman, spend more time with her than your significant other or your family, investigating the most emotionally grueling work under the, er, rainclouds, and not have it interfere with your romantic relationship in some way?  We could probably ask Jennifer Skinner. Do you have any idea what the divorce rate is for cops?  If we had to guess, we would imagine it is probably second only to, well, lawyers, and we know what Caroline Swift does for a living.  Plus, even though we adore Holder and believe taking the lead and covering for Sarah Linden is the only thing he could do and maintain the respect of the audience in Season 4, it does not negate the fact that his actions are criminal.  Is it fair that he rides off into the sunset with his lawyer girlfriend while the partner he risked everything for takes the fall?  Moreover, would he be able to do such a thing even if Linden did so entirely to spare him?  Do you see Holder buying diapers, planning a wedding while Linden rots in a prison cell?  We shudder to even consider the alternative because we know how he responded to the loss of Bullet, an absolute angel but still only a criminal informant he knew for a matter of days: How will Holder survive if Sarah Linden does not?





  • Our Guess: Hell Yes!
  • Rationale: Our most avid readers know that we accused dear Carl Reddick of being the Pied Piper, and we have spent the past year apologizing to Gregg Henry.  This time, we are not taking the bait.  We know Bethany Skinner approaches Carl Reddick, presumably about her missing father, and it is impossible for us to keep from picturing the moment when he finally notices Kallie’s ring on her finger, an item of jewelry only the Pied Piper would have and she would not know to hide in Reddick’s presence.  Reddick knows that Holder went after Linden the night that Skinner went missing and should easily confirm Holder approached Jennifer Skinner about the location of the lake house after she told him that Skinner left with his “girlfriend.”  If there are any bodies in the water near Skinner’s lake house (and that was the implication), it cannot take too long for Carl Reddick to find them.  Please note that we are not necessarily saying that Reddick will find the body of James Skinner, because we suspect even the audience may be in the dark about what precisely Linden and Holder did with our infamous serial killer.  If Reddick suspects Linden and Holder of involvement in the disappearance of James Skinner, what will he do?  It cannot possibly be good for the department to have the man leading the manhunt for the Pied Piper actually turn out to be the man himself, evading detection in plain sight surrounded by seasoned detectives like Carl Reddick.  He also did look the other way when Holder, the former partner he groomed to climb the political ladder at SPD before “the one with the hair” came between them, stormed into his house and slugged him in front of his family.  Overlooking a mild assault, even offering Linden and Holder the opportunity to take a few pot shots at Joe Mills in the interrogation room, does not necessarily mean he would turn a blind eye to the involvement of two police officers in the disappearance of a third police officer. Still, he said it himself: “Cops don’t rat on cops.”  Will that be his creed in Season 4 or will Sarah Linden’s words to him ring true: “All you are is in the way?”

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 Written by Lauren Lester Allison (@ResIpsa422) with the outstanding assistance of Melissa Maxey (@msmaxey) and Elizabeth Baez (@Lizlovinn)

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