The Killing Art Showcase: Sarah Linden by Davide Fasolo

This week, we are proud to show this piece by Davide Fasolo from Italy. Titled: “Sarah Linden displays her love for a good cherry pie and a damn fine cup of coffee”. It is a digital painting, and from 2011 Davide has been working on a “head gallery” on fictional characters called “Serial Portrait”. []
His art can be found on @Flickr,@SeeMe, @Vimeo, @Behance and Davidfasoloart.Tumblr. Davide Fosolo also works in different mediums, traditional, digital, experimental painting, documentary, live, and experimental video.

When I look at this painting, I see Sarah Linden’s sterile expression. It is one that I have seen on her
before, and is an expression of resignation.
In the episode “The Road to Hamelin” in season three, Sarah Linden realizes that her former partner and lover, James Skinner, is not the man she thought he once was; He confessed to being the serial killer. The end of the episode Linden has him on his knees, begging her to end his life. When Linden pulls the trigger, killing him, her mind is made up.
Her expression, in this painting, is one that I recognize as quintessential Sarah Linden. A sterile expression she displays when she is resigned to her decision.


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