FAN BLOG POST: What the Hell Will Happen to Sarah Linden in Season 4?!?

You're my ride

By Lauren Oppe

Hello “The Killing” Family,

It’s been TOO long! I’ve missed you. I hope you’ve all been well. First and foremost, I’d like to personally say THANK YOU for everything you all did to get us a fourth season. The Twitter campaigns, the letters, the emails, the texts, etc. We couldn’t have done without your time and effort. Sooooo, let’s talk about season 4 shall we?!

We all know the one thing that has been on our minds since the end of season 3… WHAT THE HELL IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO LINDEN? Will Linden just simply admit to killing Skinner? Will Holder cover for Linden? Will Linden let Holder cover for her? Will Linden go to jail? Would she be put back into the psych ward?! So many questions… but what answers do we have? Oh right, none… All we can do is speculate.


I have compiled a few outcomes which I believe are most likely to occur, but what we have all come to know is never expect anything because you’ll be shocked in the end no matter what.

  • In outcome number one, Linden could turn herself in and Seattle PD could simply let her off easy. Skinner makes the police department look absurd; now that he is gone, Linden can be seen as doing Seattle PD a favor, the heroine who killed the villain and saved Seattle. This scenario is what I hope for most in the coming months before the season 4 release. Linden, of course, would have her psychological issues with everything that has taken place, but, at least, she would be free.
  • Then there’s alternative number two, the alternative we’re all hoping doesn’t happen, the alternative that could drastically change everything in not only Linden’s world but Holder’s as well. In this scenario, we would see Linden being charged with murder. Which brings me to alternative one of this scenario, Holder at this point could lie for Linden to try to save her, I’m sure most of us could agree this would probably happen. Linden means the world to him.  Could he honestly stand by and let her go to prison? DOUBT IT. But, what would lying for Linden do to him? Would he turn to drugs, cling harder to Linden, turn away from her completely, or would the lie destroy his moral code to the core which would ultimately end his career? Would saving Linden ultimately end in Holder’s demise? Making a sacrifice that big for someone ruins a person’s psyche, so it’s something to anticipate in the event that Holder lies for Linden.  Or scenario number two, Holder ultimately does not lie for Linden and we see her go to prison/ a mental institution. Unlikely, uncertain, and slightly preposterous I agree… However, this may just happen for a little while to throw us off. Linden could be arrested and sent to prison awaiting trial where she is then found innocent.

Allow me to throw a little side note in here as well. Because our beautiful Mireille Enos is expecting we could potentially see that written into the plot for season 4 as well. Could it be Skinner’s child? My bet is yes, if they choose to work the pregnancy into the story line. However, it could also be a random man’s child, a new boyfriend’s, or dare I say… Holder’s?! The possibilities are endless.


I won't leave you here

Regardless of what happens with Linden’s future come season 4, we all want to know what will come of the Linden/ Holder relationship. Linden and Holder are dependent on one another. When one is broken, hurt, struggling, etc., the other is there to encourage, support, and love the other. Even if the love is shown in an unconventional way by lighting the other’s cigarette, being the other’s ride, or showing up with some dinner, the love is there. Romantic love? Personally, my answer is no. But, in this fandom, I am highly outnumbered in that belief, so again we will just have to wait and see what Netflix decides to do for season 4 of The Killing. Whatever twists and turns are ahead for this dynamic duo I am more than sure that they will overcome them together, even if they try to push the other away. They are magnates that are constantly attracted to the other, even if separated for a short period of time in the end they will always come back together.


All I know for certain is that I hope season 4 is one amazing, mysterious, thrilling, overpowering, emotional, tormenting, comical, and blissful ride. I cannot wait to share every moment with all of you.

“Trust me Linden, I got this.” – Holder

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