The Killing Art Showcase: “Holder” by Irina


Melissa’s Take: This week, we are proud to share this piece, simply titled “Holder,”  by Irina in Russia.  Composed digitally, this piece immediately impressed me as it was one of the first pieces of Holder where I could really feel him.  The far away glowin his eyes reminded me of the lost Stephen Holder is standing on the bridge at the end of “My Lucky Day” in Season 2 of The Killing.   He doesn’t know what to do-Completely betrayed by Gil, his sponsor and mentor from the Sheriff’s department, he finds himself entirely alone, his “North Star,” Sarah Linden refusing to open her hotel room to allow him to explain.  Do you remember Stephen Holder crying out for Linden to open the door, eventually crumbling in the hallway and leaving the badge he now feels he did not really earn on the floor for Linden to find later?  The sheer anguish of that very moment seems to really resonate within this piece.  We are so pleased to feature this piece, “Holder,” as the cover of the fan book we prepared to send to Joel Kinnaman. We are so very proud of all of the artists out there that love The Killing as much as we do and express themselves through art. We cannot get enough of the outpouring of support for the show and the talented actresses and actors who portray the characters we love.  Creative people, keep creating and share your work!  We would love to show off the many, many talents of our fan group!  If you have a piece you would like to share, tweet us at @TheKillingonAMC, email us at, or post your work to Instagram and tag us @thekillingfangroup.

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