THE KILLING ART SHOWCASE: “Bullet” by Miki Tikus



Every Tuesday, The Killing Fan Group will showcase exceptional art, photographs, and video tributes to TheKilling and its actors and actresses.  In each segment, we will try to share with you what makes each piece so powerful.  If you have a piece of art, a photograph, or a video you would like to share with our group, please feel free to contact us via Twitter at @TheKillingonAMC or via email  Visit our website every Tuesday for more outstanding creative works by an exceptional group of fans!

This week, we are proud to share this piece by Miki Tikus, a powerful piece that  shows deep emotion in Bullet. Her eyes are diverted as if she is looking at someone who is out of her reach. Her attention is fixed and the serious expression shows she might be concerned about what she is watching. Is there danger nearby? Does she see Lyric with Twitch?  Is it anxiety, anger, or jealousy we see in her eyes?  With a complex character like Bullet, it easily could be all three.  Perhaps she heard someone talking and had just turned to watch.  Although she is still, the piece conveys a measure of anticipated movement as if she could lurch forward at any moment.  Red accents symbolize Bullet’s intense love, sacrifice, and, of course, her fiery protectiveness for those within her family on the streets of Seattle.


Bex-Taylor Klaus has this piece on canvas hanging in her home in honor of Bullet.

You can find more of Miki’s art at &

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