The Killing Season 4: What We Know So Far….


What We Know About Season 4 of The Killing:

  • We originally heard Season 4 would begin shooting on Monday, March 10, 2014 in Vancouver, B.C.   We are now hearing that date has been bumped up two weeks to Monday, February 24, 2014.  We suspect some preliminary shots will be taken in and around Vancouver in late February with primary actors reporting on or around March 10.  We have heard another show has gone over schedule, meaning that the call date for the primary actors could be pushed back a few additional weeks to accommodate. Be patient.  It will be worth the wait!


  • We continue to hear from our sources that this will be the final season of The Killing.  Yes, we hate that too.  The Killing fans, however, are fairly relentless, so if there is any hope whatsoever of the show continuing on Netflix beyond Season 4, you, the fans, are going to have to be louder and rowdier than ever.  Now is the time for you to get every friend and family member not currently watching the show to catch up on Netflix.  Chat about the show on Twitter and tell @netflix you want more.  Be gracious and thank those who have worked so diligently to bring us four stellar seasons of The Killing. 
  • We continue to hear that Season 4 of The Killing will premiere during the third week of June 2014, barring any productions setbacks.  If you do not currently have Netflix, get it now:
  • Season 4 of The Killing will take place in an all-boys military academy outside of Seattle with Tony Award Winner and three time Academy Award Nominee, Joan Allen, playing Linden’s nemesis and the head of the academy.  Sterling Beaumon will play Lincoln Knopf, a misogynistic, troubled boy with a fiery temper (not too much of a stretch for those of us who have previously seen him on Law and Order: SVU and Criminal Minds).  Levi Meaden will play A.J. Fielding, a popular overachiever well-liked by administrators and students, and Tyler Ross will play Cameron Stansbury, the black sheep of his wealthy family and well-connected family.  Yes, Season 4 will feature Linden’s mother.  No, we do not know who they have cast in this pivotal role just yet, but the fan favorite thus far has been none other than Lady Catelyn Tully Stark herself, Michelle Fairley.  After all, I think it is safe to say that she will not return to Game of Thrones this upcoming season.  Who do you see playing Linden’s surprisingly well-adjusted suburban mother in Season 4 of The Killing? 

Michelle Fairley

  • We don’t have any idea about how Linden’s shooting of Skinner will factor into Season 4, but here is our opinion:
    • Was Linden’s shooting of Skinner illegal?  Yes, well, probably.  He was seemingly unarmed and on his knees before her.  Holder informed her of Adrian’s safety before she shot Skinner again, although an argument could certainly be made that she had already delivered the fatal shot directly center mass which is precisely where she would have been trained to shoot him.  Police are not trained to maim, and frankly, most aren’t nearly good enough shots to accomplish that even with hours of range time, especially with adrenaline and a possibly moving target.  Despite the fact that Holder had arrived on the scene and Skinner could likely have been taken into custody without further shots, Skinner was determined to commit suicide by cop.  He moved, he talked, he intentionally disobeyed her lawful orders.  If his movement was enough to put her in reasonable fear that he might put her in imminent bodily harm (i.e. lunging at her, grabbing a weapon she didn’t see), she can lawfully shoot him.  Just because she liked it, as evidenced by the look of relief on her face, doesn’t make it unlawful.   Just because Holder was there begging her to listen and she didn’t do so doesn’t make it unlawful.  It becomes a character issue between the two of them.  Is she immoral because she felt relieved?  Well, didn’t we all feel relieved?  Will it all just shuffled under the rug because (1) nobody really cares that she did the State of Washington a favor by ridding it of a serial killer and (2) it can easily be categorized as a suicide by cop?  How will Holder respond to her if it goes away without further incident?  Will he feel relieved to have his partner back?  Will he feel guilty, especially if something must be done to make the shooting appear more justified (i.e. Linden had Skinner’s gun.  Have you watched the pilot of Bosch?  Problem solved!)?  Moreover, does he have a right to judge her after all of the illegal things he has done in the course of an investigation (i.e. the drugs, the backpack, the picture of Richmond on the bridge, breaking and entering, robbing a drug dealer)?  If she can overlook those previous sins, know he is fundamentally a good cop, and care deeply about him, does he owe her the same courtesy?  Our guess….Detective Linden and Detective Holder are back as partners with the reality of what happened left as only something they share between them. 
    • Hasn’t Sarah Linden been through enough?  If Stephen Holder can find redemption, we want it for her too.  So, here’s hoping Sarah gets right with Mommy, has an epic battle with the incomparable Joan Allen, maintains her gun and her badge, and finally, finally, gets with the right man.  Is that too much to ask? 

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