Twitter Celebration Monday Night 11/25/13: Join us to promote #TheKilling & thank Netflix!



Ready to party with us and celebrate #TheKilling on Twitter with us this Monday?  This Monday, November 25, 2013, our fan group will conduct a celebratory Twitter campaign to thank Netflix for picking up the exclusive rights to Season 4 of The Killing.  We also want to encourage others, our friends, our family, and our followers, to watch our favorite show!  We also want to use the time to thank those people, including fans, involved in fighting so hard for Season 4.  Please show up and celebrate…and remember that EVERY single time #TheKillingFam has rallied for the show on Twitter, we have trended nationwide.  I expect no less out of you on Monday!  I wouldn’t be surprised at all if #Netflix trended too, since every time we trended with #TheKilling, so did #Netflix.  #Netflix surely noticed.  Let’s show them what we can do!  As usual, I have included our Twitter campaign rules and times below.  We have also updated our Tweet Bank with tweets you can easily copy and paste when you run out of clever things to say!  You ready?  Let’s rock.

TWITTER TIMES: Please commit to give us at least two hours of your time on Monday, November 25, 2013 at 10 PM EST/9PM CST/8 PM MST/7 PM PST.

TWITTER RULES:  One of the primary goals of a Twitter campaign is to see if a particular topic, highlighted by a hash tag (literally, just the # sign in front of a phrase), can “trend” as a popular discussion topic on Twitter.  Twitter is very secretive about its magic algorithm for trending, but we have relied upon the expertise of our resident mathematician to give us some statistical analysis to help us improve our chances of trending.   Here are the EASY rules for building our #TheKilling trend!  Follow them exactly!

  • Log in to your Twitter account 10 minutes before the designated start time in your time zone, ready to tweet.  So, if you live in Dallas,Texas (Central Time, you need to be logged in, ready to go on this Monday, November 25, 2013 at 8:50PM. 
  • Our hash tag for the Twitter campaign is #TheKilling.  It is short, simple, and we might get some help from other general conversation about the show on Twitter during the appointed Twitter times.  Use the hash tag #TheKilling on MOST but not ALL of your tweets.  It needs to look like the flow of normal Twitter conversation.  If you need a rule, use the hash tag for 3 out of 5 tweets. 
  • Automatic  retweets (as in, you just clicked “Retweet”) DO NOT COUNT for trending purposes on Twitter.  Instead, if you are on your phone, click “Quote Tweet,” copying the body of the tweet, and type “RT” in front of the tweeted text, resulting in a new tweet from your account that COUNTS for our trend. 
  • Please try to keep your tweets SHORTER than 110 characters or close to that, so other followers may grab your brilliant tweet and “Quote Tweet” it without being over the 140 Twitter character limit.  When you have exhausted all of your brilliance, please DO NOT STOP TWEETING.  “Quote Tweet” other tweets you like or copy and paste any or all of the tweets from our “The Killing Tweet Bank” below and tweet them from your account.  Just keep tweeting!
  • We appreciate every single tweet, but to really help with the Twitter trend, you need to tweet AT LEAST 6-10 times per hour for a TWO hour period.  Many of our users will literally tweet until Twitter locks them from tweeting anymore, sending the account to “Twitter Jail” or a “Twitter Timeout.”  If that happens, don’t panic and wait approximately 60 minutes.  You will be back in the saddle! 
  • Be careful about crazed tweeting leading up the event.  The idea behind a trend is see a NEW conversation topic start on Twitter. We cannot do that if the fans are all tweeting thousands of items all day.  If you are sent to Twitter Jail or a Twitter Timeout before the event, you should know that another suspension during the 24-hour period will probably result in a timeout that usually lasts at least a day.  If that happens, check your email and fill out the form from Twitter for faster restoration. 
  • We STRONGLY encourage our followers who cannot be at the events live to use TweetDeck!  Download it today. It is free and will allow you to schedule your tweets using #TheKilling during the appointed times in your time zone.  So, if you are a Redskins or a 49ers Fan (and Heaven help you, if you are) and you must be glued to your television for Monday Night Football, go for it, but not before you set up your tweets with the #TheKilling.  We encourage you to set up a tweet every 4-8 minutes for the two hour period.  If the game is lousy, you can always join in and live tweet while TweetDeck continues to push out your scheduled tweets. 
  • Watch your TRENDS!  If you see #TheKilling trend nationwide or in your area, take a picture and tweet it to us at @TheKillingonAMC.  We want to share with all of the fans!  If we do trend, don’t stop tweeting.  We have successfully trended multiple times during our two hour window every time! 
  • LASTLY and IMPORTANTLY, our trend needs to look like a conversation, a natural dialogue between fans of “The Killing.”  In order to facilitate this, our primary account and other fans may poise trivia questions or opinion polls during the Twitter campaign.  When you see them, REPLY to them and use the hash tag (#TheKilling) in your answer.  So, if you saw @TheKillingonAMC tweet, “Do you think Linden & Holder should get together in Season 4 of #TheKilling?” , you might respond: “HECK YES! #TheKilling”  See?  Pretty darn easy.  Just respond and use the hash tag (#TheKilling) in your answer. 

We’ve heard plenty of fans express a desire to help us but then fret about running out of things to say.  For those fans (and the ones who will tweet so many things they need 100 extra options), we offer “The Killing Tweet Bank.”  You may copy and paste these examples verbatim into your tweet box and tweet these thoughts as if they are your very own!  Some are cheesy.  Most are based on dialogue from “The Killing.”  All of these examples comply with every rule above.  If you are tweeting about “The Killing” regularly during every day (and we encourage you do so), please feel free to use these tweets any time you like and as often as you like. 

Thank you so much for your willingness to help us!  If you have questions about these rules, tweet us at @TheKillingonAMC or send us an email at: We know this seems complicated, but if you adhere to the rules and tweet often, we’re going to get there.  We love you, #TheKillingFam.  You make it real for us! 

Oh, we have our drinks prepared for the celebration as well.  We selected French Champagne and Swedish Vodka. It only seemed fitting.  Won’t you join us? 



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  25. Seriously, Sarah Linden, please get a physical after that Pied Piper thing.  Season 4 #TheKilling only on @Netflix
  26. Lessons Learned From #TheKilling: Don’t hook up with your married boss the second he leaves his wife.  He might be a serial killer. @netflix
  27. Lessons Learned From #TheKilling: Answer your freaking phone before somebody wonderful ends up in the trunk of a car. @netflix
  28. Lessons Learned From #TheKilling: Don’t leave your lovely partner’s side ever.  Nothing good ever happens when you separate.  @netflix
  29. Lessons Learned From #TheKilling: Kiss her like you mean it or don’t.  Otherwise, we all just feel awkward. @netflix
  30. Lessons Learned From #TheKilling: Don’t leave your hard-earned money with your selfish SO. They’ll probably just buy hair dye. @netflix
  31. Lessons Learned From #TheKilling: If you have the ring, give her the ring.  Hesitate & the joker in the fur coat gets the girl.  @netflix
  32. Lessons Learned From #TheKilling: A younger man always seems like a good idea at the time, but you break things @netflix
  33. Lessons Learned From #TheKilling: Set an alarm on every device for Valentine’s Day.  @netflix
  34. Lessons Learned From #TheKilling: Every apology is better if accompanied by Chinese food.  @netflix
  35. Lessons Learned From #TheKilling: Whether you’re Bullet or Holder, kiss the girl!  @netflix
  36. Lessons Learned From #TheKilling: It’s the loneliest thing in the world, waiting to be found. @netflix
  37. Lessons Learned From #TheKilling: You cannot always outrun your past. Sometimes, you just have to put it down.  @netflix
  38. Lessons Learned From #TheKilling: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.  @netflix
  39. Lessons Learned From #TheKilling: Death be not proud. @netflix
  40. Lessons Learned From #TheKilling: Run back to the person that sees you for what you’re really good at, who you really are.  @netflix
  41. Lessons Learned From #TheKilling: Look up.  Sometimes, it is a good idea to see the trees for the forest.  @netflix
  42. Lessons Learned From #TheKilling: Sometimes what you get isn’t always what you really want. @netflix
  43. Lessons Learned From #TheKilling: Even with a cool girlfriend, it’s next to impossible to keep your eyes off the brilliant redhead.  @netflix
  44. Lessons Learned From #TheKilling: It’s acceptable to threaten a kid who endangered your co-worker.  That’s totally platonic.  @netflix
  45. Lessons Learned From #TheKilling: If your partner asks you about your love life, always answer with, “You jealous?”  Super platonic. @netflix
  46. Lessons Learned From #TheKilling: If he ain’t your boss & you eyeball him like that in a hoodie, it’s only reasonable that he’s your man @netflix
  47. Lessons Learned From #TheKilling: Talking and eating in the car with your partner on a stakeout may turn out to be the best moments of your life. @netflix
  48. Lessons Learned From #TheKilling: Sometimes the guy dressed like Justin Bieber may be the closest thing to family you have.  @netflix
  49. Lessons Learned From #TheKilling: If you’re Holder, stop promising never to kiss her again.  Nobody believes you.
  50. Lessons Learned From #TheKilling: You can accomplish a lot of a diet of fun-yuns, donuts, & hamburgers w/o meat.
  51. Lessons Learned From #TheKilling: Nothing good happens when Linden goes for a run. @netflix
  52. Lessons Learned From #TheKilling: Give someone a red velvet muffin & don’t be surprised if they immediately leave you for someone hotter.
  53. #TheKilling is the NEW Black & you can find Season 4 exclusively on @netflix
  54. We’re eating red velvet cake to celebrate Season 4 of #TheKilling. That is sacrifice. 
  55. Dial 1-900-Linden for Season 4 of #TheKilling on @netflix
  56. I only voted for #TheKilling about 16,741 times for the People’s Choice Awards.  Low key.
  57. #TheKilling Fam: There is nothing mellow about us.  This is what cult fandom is all about, @netflix
  58. Veena, Mireille, & Joel sans commercials sounds positively exceptional, @netflix. #TheKilling
  59. Mulder & Scully?  TRY Linden & Holder!  #TheKilling on @netflix
  60. Alex & Piper?  TRY Linden & Holder! #TheKilling on @netflix
  61. Elliot & Olivia?  TRY Linden & Holder!  #TheKilling on @netflix
  62. All I want for Christmas….I already have. #TheKilling Season 4 on @netflix
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  64. #TheKilling Fam: We never sleep. We never give up.  We make things happen.  Season 4 on @netflix
  65. Have we seen the very last of Carl Reddick @GreggHenry88 on #TheKilling?  Only @netflix knows
  66. Have we seen the very last of Jennifer Skinner @JennMacA on #TheKilling?  Only @netflix knows
  67. Have we seen the very last of Caroline @JewelStaite on #TheKilling?  Only @netflix knows
  68. Will Holder cover for Linden?  Only @netflix knows. #TheKilling
  69. Will Linden let Holder cover for her?  Only @netflix knows. #TheKilling
  70. Is Linden’s career truly over?  Only @netflix knows. #TheKilling
  71. Can Sarah Linden be redeemed?  Only @netflix knows. #TheKilling
  72. Will Sarah Linden ever stop running? Only @netflix knows. #TheKilling
  73. Will Holder’s career be over if he helps Linden cover?  Only @netflix knows.  #TheKilling
  74. Will the stress of Linden’s secret cause Holder to relapse?  Only @netflix knows.  #TheKilling
  75. Will Linden run off Caroline?  Only @netflix knows. #TheKilling
  76. Maybe this is just the beginning of Sarah Linden’s flight? Only @netflix knows. #TheKilling
  77. Will Linden drive Holder away?  Only @netflix knows.  #TheKilling
  78. Will Holder be able to keep his promise to keep his lips off Linden?  Only @netflix knows.  #TheKilling
  79. Will Linden stop Holder if he tries to kiss her again?  Only @netflix knows.  #TheKilling
  80. Will we ever see Holder read Linden her rights?  Only @netflix knows.  #TheKilling
  81. Will Holder put Linden in handcuffs?  Only @netflix knows.  #TheKilling
  82. I barely handled Linden in the psych ward.  Not prepared for her in handcuffs.  #TheKilling
  83. Thank you @mbondesen for being so incredibly good to fans of #TheKilling.
  84. Thank you @elizaclark for being so incredibly good to fans of #TheKilling
  85. #MireilleEnos for the 2014 AND 2015 Emmy!  #TheKilling on @netflix
  86. #JoelKinnaman for the 2014 AND 2015 Emmy!  #TheKilling on @netflix
  87. Real fans prefer their leads with flip phones. #TheKilling on @netflix
  88. Well played, Detective Linden, well played. #TheKilling on @netflix
  89. Well played, Detective Holder, well played.  #TheKilling on @netflix
  90. Hey AMC, I’m headed over to @netflix to party with the rest of #TheKilling fans.  You jealous?
  91. #TheKilling Fam: We’re smooth as velveeta, and we treat our ladies well.  Ask @netflix
  92. “Holder, I’m sorry.  We shouldn’t have split up.” #TheKilling on @netflix
  93. Holder & @Netflix….don’t worry about being late.  You got there.  #TheKilling
  94. “It happened.  We’re good, Linden.  You’re still my BFF.” #TheKilling on @netflix
  95. Oh @netflix, you’re smooth as velveeta, and you treat your ladies well.  #TheKilling
  96. If you aren’t watching #TheKilling on @netflix, you are missing out BIG TiME!
  97. Catch up on all the episodes of #TheKilling on @netflix before Season 4! 
  98. Sayonara Sonoma & AMC. Hello @netflix!  #TheKilling
  99. Resurrected twice, #TheKilling, is every bit as resilient as Sarah Linden. Get ready, @netflix
  100. Prepare yourself for the fan-gasm.  Season 4 of #TheKilling on @netflix

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