With a little help from my friends….The Killing Resurrected Again!

Windows   Admit it.  You were starting to panic.  It did not seem to matter how many times we assured you to not give up on our very favorite show, did it?  With every passing day, the outlook for a compelling conclusion to this story seemed to grow just a little bleaker. After all, how could anyone realistically expect The Killing to cheat death yet again, to prove to be so utterly unkillable?  (Yes, I promised myself to make certain that word made this blog entry. You’re welcome. #TheKillingisUnKillable).   So, here are just a few reasons why The Killing is worthy of this save and why you should celebrate its move exclusively to Netflix:

  1. YOU.  Yes, you read that correctly-The complete cult fandom that fought like maniacs to save this show.  Please understand what a compliment I pay this fandom when I openly refer to #TheKillingFam as the very best fandom in existence.  AMC may have felt they could ignore you, but Netflix could not ignore your ardent demands.  I am a self-professed X-Phile, and I firmly believed that it would never get any better than Mulder and Scully. I was wrong, as I believe that Linden and Holder have become firmly entrenched in my heart over the past three seasons.   I celebrated The X-Files fandom’s 20th anniversary this year, and all the while, I could not help but anticipate that the friendships forged while we fought for The Killing will undoubtedly endure that long.  We campaigned openly on this website, on Twitter, trending across the United States multiple times during every single Twitter campaign (even during a few new episodes of Hell on Wheels.  You’re welcome, AMC).  Each time we rallied on Twitter, Netflix also happened to trend nationwide.  Our Twitter group gained followers every single day after the cancellation as fans continued to spread the word among their friends to watch The Killing on Netflix and join the fan group.  Between our fan group following and the accounts belonging to members of our leadership group, we easily reach over 5,000 Twitter users that are rabid fans of The Killing every time we update you about the show.  Fans wrote hundreds of thank you notes to advertisers that purchased commercial time during The Killing Season 3, an effort we encouraged because we wanted to show our gratitude for those advertisers that bothered to promote this program when AMC did so very little.  Fans pushed the image count on Instagram to over 8,000 images tagged with #TheKilling, and our YouTube channel is flooded with fan videos and tributes to #TheKilling.  Every single time we asked for your help, you responded. We were flooded with volunteers ready to push for Season 4.  You convinced me that a fan of #TheKilling must be made of a special combination of tenacity, charm, and integrity.  Sure, we can talk about the masterful advocacy of Veena Sud, the compelling performances of Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman, the epic writing and cinematography of The Killing, but the reality remains that without you, without the cult fandom, the show simply would not have survived.  Please know how deeply grateful we are to each and every one of you.  Our fandom, our friendship, seemingly never fails.  I could not be more ready to watch every single episode of Season 4 with some of my very best friends.  Please invite your friends to the party!  And I would be remiss if I did not say, as I so often do, you make it real for us.
  2.  Netflix. The future of television viewing, the streaming giant is the current home of critical darlings House of Cards and Orange is the New Black and a lovely American landing spot for amazing British programming like Top of the Lake and The Fall.  The latter two programs, Top of the Lake and The Fall, feature strong yet slightly flawed female protagonists with gripping story-telling in the mystery drama genre without the klutziness of commercial interruption or censorship.  For those fans troubled by the announcement that Season 4 will feature only six episodes, I would encourage you to consider AMC frequently filled approximately 15 minutes of every episode of The Killing with commercial interruption.  Without that commercial interruption, fans can anticipate an extra hour and a half of story-telling during Season 4.  When you consider it in those terms, The Killing Season 4 is actually more like a 7-8 episode order which is fairly close to a full slate on any other cable television network.  If you still worry about what brilliant writers (See: Eliza Clark) might be able to accomplish in an abbreviated season, I really encourage you to watch The Fall on Netflix and not simply because my other favorite actress (and former redhead) Emmy-winner, Gillian Anderson, is the star of the series.  Watch it and see if you are not satisfied with the length of the story.  The series is absolutely stream-lined with persuasive story-telling permeating every single minute.  In short, no moment is wasted.  There are no “filler” episodes (and yes, The Walking Dead, I’m looking at you with an ENTIRE episode about what the governor has been doing at the height of its epic crescendo).   Netflix is the ideal landing spot for The Killing to be able to write Linden and Holder without restriction, without hesitation.  Expect it to be grittier, darker with poignant moments between Linden and Holder that will shatter our hearts.
  3. Is AMC a network on the decline? They cancelled The Killing.  Twice.  They left it to the fans to promote Season 3.  We did.  They ignored us.   Frankly, I do not think they even wanted a Season 3 in the first place, so perhaps we should be thanking Netflix for TWO seasons of The Killing.  As the cast and crew of The Killing returned to film its third season in Vancouver, AMC Network stocks plummeted as its fourth-quarter earnings declined.  AMC suggested that the decline was due in to the reduction in cable subscription services in many households (Why bother with cable if you have Netflix?) and its recent litigation with Dish Network that temporarily resulted in the removal, relocation, and eventual restoration of the channel for Dish Subscribers. As a Dish Network subscriber myself, I am particularly aggravated that AMC bombarded me with messages, telling me that I needed to call Dish Network or select a new provider or risk not seeing any new episodes of The Killing.  I complied only to watch the network cancel the show after Season 2. A few weeks ago, Entertainment Weekly noted that without Breaking Bad and The Killing, AMC really has nothing left but The Walking Dead, paired with floundering programming like Low Winter Done and Hell on Who Cares.  When The Killing premiered on AMC, that network was undoubtedly the place to be with perennial Emmy winners, Breaking Bad and Mad Men, and then the cable viewership champion, The Walking Dead.  It certainly appeared that everything AMC touched turned to gold.  Mad Men is preparing for its final season.  Breaking Bad is over.  So, what does the once-mighty AMC have in mind to replace brilliant programming like Breaking Bad and The Killing?  Better Call Saul.  You go it.  A prequel to Breaking Bad about the smarmy lawyer that so often comes to the aid of kingpin, Walter White.  As a smarmy lawyer myself, I can assure you this program will not offer anything as impactful as The Killing.  Sayonara, AMC.
  4. The cast and crew of The Killing.  When I heard the news about the renewal, I took a moment to watch the Pilot, directed by the exceptional Patty Jenkins with teleplay by Veena Sud, hoping to really recapture what made me fall in love with the series immediately on that Sunday night in April.  I was emotionally overwrought all over again, soaked in the atmosphere, so very dark and deliberate, and I remembered that this show is never entirely about the killing despite its title.  It is a stark, real psychological study of what happens to a community, its police, its victims, its families, in the wake of an unspeakable horror.  I am captured by the image of Sarah standing in Rosie’s room for the first time knowing she will end Rosie’s story in that very room as she puts Terry in handcuffs at the end of Season 2, a gentler, softer Sarah preparing to leave her job and secure her happy ending with the underlying flickers of ferocity, instability lurking behind her eyes.  Skinny Stephen Holder interloping in her office, already beginning to pick at her while equally being her reliable, steady counterpart, the partnership chemistry undeniable the moment Enos and Kinnaman share the screen.   The battered look on Sarah’s face as she breaks the news to Stan Larsen without words, the wailing father, the weeping mother, the rain pouring down on the scene becomes the ultimate expression of agony.  In less than an hour, I am reminded of everything that makes The Killing so impactful.  Veena Sud introduced this story in a darkened moment, a body, grief contrasted with stoic Sarah and ended her run on AMC by coming full circle, leaving our heroine in a darkened moment, a body before her, a broken partner wailing at her side, and a look of almost sweet relief on her face.  Will our “North Star” ever find her way home?  I already long for the moment we see Sarah look at Holder in the wake of what she has done, that anxious anticipation of the one simple moment is truly the very hallmark of outstanding drama. 

Our fight for #TheKilling does not end here.  Our fandom is growing, and we want to continue to encourage viewership.  If you are not a Netflix subscriber, sign up today.  It is well worth the investment,and we want you with us for every moment of Season 4.  Stay tuned to @TheKillingonAMC for updates and please encourage your friends to follow our group.  We plan to celebrate #TheKilling in a major way, and we are so happy to have you with us on this amazing journey.

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