New Hope for The Killing: Join the Movement!



Hey Killing Fans!  If you haven’t already heard, all hope is NOT lost, and our favorite show on television is currently negotiating with our networks to bring us Season 4!  #TheKillingFam will not be giving up any time soon!  We cannot do this without YOU, the amazing fandom that created a family through three seasons of amazing television.  We need every single one of you to pitch in and help our effort to save #TheKilling.  You love this show?  You love our fans? THE TIME IS NOW!  WE STEP UP TOGETHER!


  • We’ve heard rumors that AMC may, in fact, be closing the official The Killing Twitter group.  We sincerely hope this isn’t true, but as of this moment, they have over 30,000 followers.  Can you imagine if those followers were to join our movement?  Please go to their follower, tweet them directly, and encourage them that all hope for Season 4 is NOT lost and to follow our main fan group page @thekillingonamc to join the movement.  Can you ask 10 or so each day?  Be sure you do not include the official AMC Twitter handle in your tweets. They’ll scream about that.   
  • When you see a tweet from our fan group Twitter account, please retweet it!  Every retweet helps to raise awareness about our cause!
  • Go out and sign the Save the Killing Petition circulated by @TheKillingFans.  This group is close to 10,000 signatures.  Ask your friends and family to sign the petition as well.  Tweet the Petition link to your followers on Twitter and share on Facebook.  Here is the link:
  • We need a group of volunteers willing to send emails (already created) to all of the advertisers that bought ads during Season 3 of The Killing on AMC.  We have a master list of emails already created.  Could you volunteer to send our emails, thanking them for choosing to advertise during this great show and encouraging them to consider advertising again when The Killing is picked up on another network? 
  • PARTICIPATE in our Twitter Campaigns on Friday, November 1, 2013, and Saturday, November 2, 2013.  Be sure and read the updated rules we posted here on our website and use the sample tweets from our updated Tweet Bank if you are not sure what to tweet during the campaign! We will start tweeting using the hash tag #TheKilling on Friday, November 1, 2013 at 10 PM EST/9 PM CST/8 PM MST/7 PM PST and on Saturday, November 2, 2013 at 6 PM EST/5PM CST/4 PM MST/3 PM PST.  IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE GONE DURING THESE TIMES, PLEASE DOWNLOAD TWEETDECK AND SCHEDULE YOUR TWEETS WITH #THEKILLING APPROXIMATELY EVERY 4-8 MINUTES.  You can download TweetDeck here:
  • We are starting to move our awareness campaign to other mediums like Instagram and YouTube.  We need artists and videographers to begin to promote #TheKilling and let us know!  We will be hosting art contests here at our website.  If you aren’t an artist (uh, me), please post your favorite pictures from The Killing on Instagram and tag #TheKilling.  We will favorite and promote your pictures.  If you are on Instagram, please follow: thekillingfangroup, savethekilling, & the_killing_amc, & thekillingfans.  You can find our favorite YouTube videos for The Killing in our favorites on our channel: The Official Killing Fan Group.  We are adding new fan videos and channels everyday and will keep you posted.  Watch and comment!  We are especially loving this one at the moment:
  • The Killing Fan Viewing! We are so excited to selected 1-3 episodes from each season of The Killing to watch as a group and talk with fans on Twitter as we watch together.  So, tweet us as @thekillingonamc and tell us what episodes moved you!  The episodes with the most votes will be watched as a group!  We have fans, cast, and crew that will be watching and live tweeting with us during this event to celebrate the US release of Season 3 of The Killing on Netflix!

Things are happening fast, Killing Fam!  We need your help badly!  Please step up and join the movement!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!  As we always say, you, the fans…you make it real for us!

The Killing Fan Group Leadership Team

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