Building a Trend: #TheKiling Twitter Campaign Rules for November 1 & 2


This Friday, November 1, 2013, and this Saturday, November 2, 2013, our fan group will conduct a Twitter campaign to help raise awareness about “The Killing” and encourage Netflix or other interested networks to acquire the exclusive rights to Season 4.  One of the primary goals of a Twitter campaign is to see if a particular topic, highlighted by a hash tag (literally, just the # sign in front of a phrase), can “trend” as a popular discussion topic on Twitter.  Twitter is very secretive about its magic algorithm for trending, but we have relied upon the expertise of our resident mathematician to give us some statistical analysis to help us improve our chances of trending.  We cannot really explain why some of these tactics work (nor would anyone other than said mathematician really enjoy a lengthy discussion of statistics), but we simply ask that if you LOVE “The Killing” and want to see a Season 4, PLEASE commit to give us at 2 hours of your time on Friday, November 1, 2013, at 10 PM EST/9 PM CST/8 PM MST /7 PM PST and Saturday, November 2, 2013, at 6 PM EST/5 PM CST/4 PM MST /3 PM PST.  Here are the EASY rules for building our #TheKilling trend!  Follow them exactly!

  1. Log in to your Twitter account 10 minutes before the designated start time in your time zone, ready to tweet.  So, if you live in Dallas, Texas (Central Time, you need to be logged in, ready to go on this Friday, November 1, 2013 at 8:50PM and this Saturday at 4:50 PM.  Since I am late to literally everything, I set an alarm on my phone.   Since Maxey is thirty minutes early to literally everything, she’ll be logged in and bored, ready to go. 
  2. Our hash tag for the Twitter campaign is #TheKilling.  It is short, simple, and we might get some help from other general conversation about the show on Twitter during the appointed Twitter times.  Use the hash tag #TheKilling on MOST but not ALL of your tweets.  It needs to look like the flow of normal Twitter conversation.  If you need a rule, use the hash tag for 3 out of 5 tweets. 
  3. Automatic  retweets (as in, you just clicked “Retweet”) DO NOT COUNT for trending purposes on Twitter.  Instead, if you are on your phone, click “Quote Tweet,” copying the body of the tweet, and type “RT” in front of the tweeted text, resulting in a new tweet from your account that COUNTS for our trend. 
  4. Please try to keep your tweets SHORTER than 110 characters or close to that, so other followers may grab your brilliant tweet and “Quote Tweet” it without being over the 140 Twitter character limit.  When you have exhausted all of your brilliance, please DO NOT STOP TWEETING.  “Quote Tweet” other tweets you like or copy and paste any or all of the tweets from our “The Killing Tweet Bank” below and tweet them from your account.  Just keep tweeting!
  5. Followers may direct their tweets to Netflix as this network seems to have emerged as the prime bidder for “The Killing.”  In order to do this, please just add the Netflix Twitter account name on your tweet.  An ideal tweet with the hash tag would look like this: “Hey @netflix, please pick up #TheKilling for Season 4!”
  6. We appreciate every single tweet, but to really help with the Twitter trend, you need to tweet AT LEAST 6-10 times per hour for a TWO hour period.  Many of our users will literally tweet until Twitter locks them from tweeting anymore, sending the account to “Twitter Jail” or a “Twitter Timeout.”  If that happens, don’t panic (It happened to our fan account every single Sunday night) and wait approximately 60 minutes.  You will be back in the saddle! 
  7. Be careful about crazed tweeting leading up the event.  The idea behind a trend is see a NEW conversation topic start on Twitter. We cannot do that if the fans are all tweeting thousands of items all day.  If you are sent to Twitter Jail or a Twitter Timeout before the event, you should know that another suspension during the 24-hour period will probably result in a timeout that usually lasts at least a day.  If that happens, check your email and fill out the form from Twitter for faster restoration. 
  8. Don’t fret about Twitter Jail or Twitter Timeout because it happens VERY rarely.  If you are worried, create a new Twitter account for this event.  We encourage fans of “The Killing” to use the words “Linden,” “Holder,” “Killing,” or “Bullet” in any new names.  Twitter names with these words in their name will get an AUTOMATIC follow from our main account @TheKillingonAMC in the lead up to the Twitter campaign.  If you elect to make a new account, please make your new account before Friday, November 1, 2013!  We would hate to have you miss the campaign because you are frantically trying to set up a new account. 
  9. We STRONGLY encourage our followers who cannot be at the events live to use TweetDeck!  Download it today. It is free and will allow you to schedule your tweets using #TheKilling during the appointed times in your time zone.  So, if you have a HOT date on Friday night, by all means, live like Linden and get you some…..but not before you set up your tweets with the #TheKilling.  We encourage you to set up a tweet every 4-8 minutes for the two hour period.  If your date turns out to be a dud, you can always join in and live tweet while TweetDeck continues to push out your scheduled tweets. 
  10. Watch your TRENDS!  If you see #TheKilling trend nationwide or in your area, take a picture and tweet it to us at @TheKillingonAMC.  We want to share with all of the fans!  If we do trend, don’t stop tweeting.  We have successfully trended multiple times during our two hour window every time! 
  11. LASTLY and IMPORTANTLY, our trend needs to look like a conversation, a natural dialogue between fans of “The Killing.”  In order to facilitate this, our primary account and other fans may poise trivia questions or opinion polls during the Twitter campaign.  When you see them, REPLY to them and use the hash tag (#TheKilling) in your answer.  So, if you saw @TheKillingonAMC tweet, “Do you think Linden & Holder should get together in Season 4 of #TheKilling?” , you might respond: “HECK YES! #TheKilling”  See?  Pretty darn easy.  Just respond and use the hash tag (#TheKilling) in your answer. 

We’ve heard plenty of fans express a desire to help us but then fret about running out of things to say.  For those fans (and the ones who will tweet so many things they need 100 extra options), we offer “The Killing Tweet Bank.”  You may copy and paste these examples verbatim into your tweet box and tweet these thoughts as if they are your very own!  Some are cheesy.  Most are based on dialogue from “The Killing.”  All of these examples comply with every rule above.  If you are tweeting about “The Killing” regularly during every day (and we encourage you do so), please feel free to use these tweets any time you like and as often as you like. 

Thank you so much for your willingness to help us!  If you have questions about these rules, tweet us at @TheKillingonAMC or send us an email at: We know this seems complicated, but if you adhere to the rules and tweet often, we’re going to get there.  We love you, #TheKillingFam.  You make it real for us! 




  1. Give us Season 4 of #TheKilling. 
  2. Nobody writes a female hero like Veena Sud.  Period.  #TheKilling Season 4!
  3. There is NO other show on TV like #TheKilling.  Give us Season 4!
  4. Proud of the work of Mireille Enos on #TheKilling.  Give us Season 4!
  5. Proud of the work of Joel Kinnaman on #TheKilling.  Give us Season 4!
  6. Proud of the work of @iBexWeBex on #TheKilling.  Give us Season 4!
  7. Proud of the work of @ElizaClark on #TheKilling.  Give us Season 4!
  8. Proud of the work of @eliaskoteas on #TheKilling.  Give us Season 4!
  9. @PeterSarsgaard is incredible on #TheKilling.  Give us Season 4!
  10. Proud of the work of Veena Sud on #TheKilling.  Give us Season 4!
  11. Redheads have more fun.  Give us Season 4 of #TheKilling
  12. #TheKilling fans are RELENTLESS!  We won’t stop till Season 4!
  13. I believe in Veena!  Let her finish her story on #TheKilling
  14. I want to see Season 4 of #TheKilling on @netflix. 
  15. No AMC?  No problem.  #TheKilling will find a better home!
  16. An almost Linden-Holder kiss?  Oh, the things they will do elsewhere! #TheKilling
  17. Yo Linden, we’d have better digs at @netflix.  Renew #TheKilling.
  18. Give me the keys to Season 4 of #TheKilling!
  19. Is Holder really not going to try to kiss her again? Tell us!  #TheKilling
  20. Where is the body of Kallie Leeds?  Tell us!  #TheKilling
  21. Where did the Piper hide his other bodies?  Tell us #TheKilling
  22. Seriously, Linden might need a check-up after the Piper. #TheKilling
  23. Sarah Linden is my spirit animal.  #TheKilling
  24. Stephen Holder is my spirit animal. #TheKilling
  25. Bullet is my spirit animal. #TheKilling
  26. Sorry Caroline.  With Sarah Linden, you have NO chance.  #TheKilling Season 4!
  27. All my best friends love #TheKilling.  We need Season 4!
  28. All of my smart friends love #TheKilling. Demand Season 4!
  29. Will Holder cover for Linden?  Tell us #TheKilling
  30. Will Linden let Holder cover for her?  Tell us #TheKilling
  31. What is Linden’s defense for her final act?  Tell us #TheKilling
  32. #TheKilling fans aren’t running.  We might get left or NOT left!  Season 4!
  33. I may throw beer cans in a prison cemetery if I don’t get Season 4 of #TheKilling.
  34. #TheKilling is the NEW Black.  Pick it up, @netflix
  35. #TheKilling was made for BINGE watching, @netflix.  Pick up Season 4!
  36. Why not #TheKilling Season 4 on DirecTV? He who hesitates is lost @netflix
  37. Why not #TheKilling Season 4 on Hulu? He who hesitatesis lost @netflix
  38. I’d support #TheKilling on Kickstarter.  Anything for Season 4!
  39. Dial 1-900 @netflix for a great time with #TheKilling
  40. I fight constantly for #TheKilling, even if I end up working minimum wage on a ferry.
  41. Next time you decide to save #TheKilling @netflix, give me a head’s up!
  42. I voted about 14, 346 times for #TheKilling on the #PeoplesChoice Awards.
  43. Red Velvet cake & tofu on the menu to celebrate #TheKilling Season 4!
  44. What’s up with Mr. Boatman Cody?  HA!  #TheKilliing on @netflix
  45. I will not be going to the lake with the Piper or AMC.  #TheKilling Season 4!
  46. A lot of fans of #TheKilling feeling like Holder on the bridge here, @netflix
  47. A lot of fans of #TheKilling feeling like Linden in the psych ward here, @netflix
  48. A lot of fans of #TheKilling feeling like Bullet in the trunk here, @netflix
  49. Give me a smoke & Season 4 of #TheKilling
  50. There’s more of the Linden & Holder story to tell. Renew #TheKilling
  51. There’s more of the Holder & Linden story to tell. Renew #TheKilling
  52. Let Veena do her thing sans commercials!  Give us #TheKilling on @netflix
  53. Let Mireille do her thing sans commercials!  Give us #TheKilling on @netflix
  54. Let Joel do his thing sans commercials!  Give us #TheKilling on @netflix
  55. Glad to see #TheKilling off basic cable!  Award-winning programs on @netflix
  56. Alex & Piper?  TRY Linden & Holder!  Give us #TheKilling on @netflix
  57. Mulder & Scully?  TRY Linden & Holder!  Give us #TheKilling Season 4!
  58.  You’ve been drinking since the AMC announcement?  Oh, @netflix.  Save #TheKilling fast!
  59. Yo Adrian!  Can we get a Season 4 of #TheKilling on @netflix.
  60. #TheKilling on @netflix? Fans would be willing to TRY red velvet cake.  That’s intense.
  61. “You missed your chance, Linden.”  Did she really?  #TheKilling Season 4!
  62. Save #TheKilling
  63. Season 4 of #TheKilling on @netflix
  64. I’d rather see Season 4 of #TheKilling on @netflix
  65. I’d rather see Season 4 of #TheKilling on @hulu
  66. I’d rather see Season 4 of #TheKilling on DirecTV
  67. I don’t give a shit what network picks it up.  I’m watching #TheKilling Season 4!
  68. #TheKilling fans are feeling a little like Holder when Bullet almost got Linden killed.
  69. #TheKilling fans would like to give AMC the same treatment Holder gave Reddick.
  70. I’m looking for Sarah Linden in Season 4 of #TheKilling.
  71. I’m looking for Stephen Holder in Season 4 of #TheKilling
  72. Because this fandom literally never sleeps.  Seriously.  Give us #TheKilling Season 4!
  73. Because this fandom NEVER gives up!  Seriously.  Give us #TheKilling Season 4!
  74. Did you think we forgot!?  We will never abandon #TheKilling.  Season 4 NOW!
  75. Because we appreciate our leads without smart phones.  Give us #TheKilling Season 4!
  76. She is always running.  Will Sarah Linden ever stay?  #TheKilling
  77. Because Linden’s kid & Holder’s girl ruined all the fun.  We need Season 4 of #TheKilling!
  78. Is Stephen Holder the man to get Sarah Linden to stop running?  #TheKilling
  79. Don’t leave us to crime fight with jank-ass Jablonski #TheKilling
  80. Mireille Enos for the 2014 Emmy!  #TheKilling
  81. Joel Kinnaman for the 2014 Emmy!  #TheKilling
  82. Bex Taylor-Klaus for the 2014 Emmy!  #TheKilling
  83. Peter Sarsgaard for the 2014 Emmy! #TheKilling
  84. You’re our ride, @netflix.  You’re stuck with us!  #TheKilling
  85. You look nice, #TheKilling.  I see you changed your network.  Thank God!
  86. Hey AMC, I’d much rather watch #TheKilling on @netflix.  You jealous?
  87. Oh snap!  Please give us Season 4 of #TheKilling. 
  88. How many times we gotta ask for #TheKilling on @netflix?  1 time?  2 times?  Stop me anytime!
  89. So, “the cat gets the hand in the jelly jar?” We’re seeing Season 4 of #TheKilling, right?
  90. Well played, Detective Linden, well played.  #TheKilling Season 4 on @netflix
  91. Do your thing, 1-900!  Give us #TheKilling Season 4!
  92. “It is the loneliest thing in the world waiting to be found.”  #TheKilling Season 4
  93. Will Sarah Linden find herself in Season 4?  #TheKilling
  94. Hold her, Holder.  You know you want to!  Maybe in Season 4 of #TheKilling?
  95. Look at me, @netflix.  Look at me.  It’s gotta be you.  It’s gotta be you.  #TheKilling
  96. Hey @netflix, you know you’re my BFF.  Give me #TheKilling Season 4!
  97. We’re #TheKilling fans.  The only way to kill us is to chop off our heads. 
  98. Open the door, @netflix!  I got to talk to you.  I can explain!  I need Season 4 of #TheKilling
  99. Holder & the picture, the backpack.  Any other evidence to hide? #TheKilling
  100. “Oh snap, Linden rocked the booty-call!”  #TheKilling
  101. We’re smooth as velveeta & treat our ladies well!  We earned #TheKilling Season 4!
  102. Because the cast of #TheKilling earned a Season 4!
  103. Because the crew of #TheKilling earned a Season 4! 
  104. Because the fans of #TheKilling earned a Season 4!
  105. Because our fan group for #TheKilling earned a Season 4!
  106. Empathy doesn’t always poison your brain.  Show #TheKilling some mercy.
  107. @netflix “your Zen rock garden & fountain are really what’s gonna help us relax.” #TheKilling
  108. #TheKilling, like Holder’s dojo, is my sanctuary of light.  Give us Season 4!
  109. “Holder, I’m sorry.  We shouldn’t have split up.” #TheKilling
  110. You can talk to me about #TheKilling Season 4 or whatever if you want.
  111. “It happened.  We’re good, Linden.  You’re still my BFF.”  #TheKilling
  112. You may have to put us in 72 hour lockdown to get #TheKilling fans to be quiet!
  113. Come on, #TheKilling, I’m not leaving you in here.  You hear?  @netflix
  114. I’m just a pitbull for #TheKilling.  Give us Season 4!
  115. When I get Season 4 of #TheKilling, I’m going to look like Linden w/that key card!
  116. If you aren’t watching #TheKilling on @netflix, you are missing out BIG TIME!
  117. It isn’t too late to save #TheKilling.  Catch up on all episodes on @netflix
  118. All hope isn’t lost for #TheKilling Season 4.  Join the movement!  Follow @thekillingonamc
  119. Think of me as your sensei in the blood sport of life.  #TheKilling
  120. Hey, @netflix, keep in touch.  You’re my ride, you know?  Season 4 of #TheKilling
  121. “I’m Holder from County.  Oh, you Linden?”  #TheKilling isn’t over! 
  122. Promoting #TheKilling is like Homicide.  Clock never stops.
  123. Sayonara Sonoma & AMC.  I want #TheKilling on @netflix.
  124. I think #TheKilling has a plane to catch to another network.  First-class accommodations. 
  125. “Is that why you’re running away, Linden?”  So, is it ?  #TheKilling
  126. Season 4.  Season 4. Season 4. #TheKilling
  127. Please pick up #TheKilling for Season 4, @netflix!  Thank you!
  128. With a little help from ALL my friends that love #TheKilling, Season 4
  129. Twitter jail for me?  What about Sarah Linden?  Tell me in Season 4.  #TheKilling
  130. “Let go of the idea that you have some BS detector!”  #TheKilling
  131. “Chill, Linden, I mean I never had dinner with my mom & look at me!”  #TheKilling
  132. Because I get too depressed listening to my #TheKilling playlist w/o S4!
  133. It’s just something about you, @netflix, just makes me want to BEG! #TheKilling
  134. Hey, #TheKilling!  Got somewhere to be?  Starts w/N.  Ends w/X.  @netflix
  135. #TheKilling is every bit as resilient as Sarah Linden.  Save your going away gifts! 
  136. Stay Calm & Trust @netflix!  Season 4 of #TheKilling
  137. Stay Calm & Trust Veena!  Season 4 of #TheKilling
  138. “New partner. Complaining again.  He can wait.”  Will he?  #TheKilling
  139. Will we ever see Holder reading Linden her rights?  #TheKilling
  140. Because we have the mother of all FAN parties planned for Season 4!  #TheKilling
  141. Subtlety isn’t Holder’s strong suit.  It isn’t mine either.  Give me #TheKilling Season 4!
  142. All I want for Christmas is Season 4 of #TheKilling 
  143.  I am a member of the fandom.  Renew #TheKilling
  144. They don’t call us #TheKillingFam for nothing.  We are dedicated to Season 4!
  145. This isn’t the end.  Give us Season 4 of #TheKilling

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