What We Know (a/k/a Our Wild Theory about the Pied Piper)



So, a little more than twenty-four hours before the Season 3 Finale of The Killing, and we have thoroughly enjoyed chatting with our Fan Group on Twitter about the true identity of the elusive Pied Piper.  Plenty of you want to know who our rowdy, Killing-loving Leadership group thinks did the dastardly deeds.  So, without further adieu, let’s just cut to the chase….

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Oh, right, so who is the Piper.  Anyway….


The Pied Piper’s victims are predominantly teenage runaways living on the streets in Seattle, many engaged in prostitution.  The victims have been raped and have broken fingers where rings have presumably been removed post-mortem. 

The coroner estimated the bodies of the Piper’s victims were in the pond where Linden found them for approximately three to five years; all were killed within a six-month period.  Each victim was contained in a red biohazard bag.    

Goldie raped Bullet after she learned from Twitch that he had a new girl in his apartment and she broke into his apartments looking for the missing, Kallie.  Before Goldie jumped her, she heard a girl crying behind a locked door. 

Twitch is on probation throughout the series, presumably for drug-related offenses.  He is raped by his parole officer after he supposedly provided a dirty urine specimen. 

Holder and Reddick break into Goldie’s apartments and chased him out down the stairs.  In his apartment, they discover pornographic DVD’s.  One of them features a male voice asking Kallie to remove her shirt.  Skinner eventually tells Linden to cut him loose and stake him out. 

Bullet watched the video of Kallie and told Linden and Holder that the video was shot at the motel run by Mama Dips.  She notes that Kallie is wearing the blue ring Bullet gave Kallie several days ago. 

Linden and and Holder visited the motel run by Mama Dips, and Linden noticed a secret the secret door behind the front desk leading to the room filmed in the seized videos.  After her arrest, Mama Dips claimed the voice on the video was hers as she is a “heavy smoker.”   

At the police station, the detective from Vice recognizes one of the girls from the DVD’s as Tiffany, telling Linden that he recently picked her solicitation.  She ultimately ends up identifying the man as Joe Mills.  When the police ran his name through the police database, they discovered that he was one of the people arrested at the hotel run by Mama Dips, and he was released approximately six hours ago.  Mama Dips ultimately admitted that Mills is her son, and she called at the trailer owned by Kallie’s mother, Dannette,  while she was in jail.

The police responded to the scene of a car accident where the driver reported that he struck a teenage girl with red hair and serious injuries.  Linden and Holder searched the nearby woods and discovered a red biohazard bag hanging from a tree.   The bloody girl was later identified as Angie Gower, taken to a veterinary clinic by Pastor Mike for medical treatment that would not result in a call to welfare services. 

Bullet later approached Angie Gower and offered her heroin to get the name of the Pied Piper.  She attempted to reach Holder via cell phone, but he did not take her calls as he was still upset with her for lying about Lyric’s whereabouts and potentially putting Linden in jeopardy.  Bullet is abducted and killed before she can relay the information to Holder. 

Danette told Linden and Holder that Mills frequently camped near the Canadian border and kept his gear in a storage unit.  Linden and Holder find and arrest Mills at the storage unit.  Reddick brings a box of rings to Linden’s attention.  All but four are matched to the Piper’s victims from the retention pond.  Holder later learned that on the night of her murder, Bullet attempted to reach Holder at the police statition and Reddick logged the calls. 

Twitch informed Lyric of Bullet’s death, although it not apparent how he knew she was dead.  Lyric later told Twitch that he was off probation and free to move to LA.  Instead, Twitch used a large sum of money he suddenly had in his possession to put a security deposit down on an apartment with Lyric in Seattle. 

Seward repeatedly talked about the trees and said that he built his son, Adrian, a tree house.  Adrian frequently draws the trees.  Linden used Adrian’s drawing to locate the retention pond where the Piper’s bodies were found.  The first hour of the Season 3 finale is called “From Up Here.”  The second hour of the Season 3 finale is called “The Road to Hamlin” is actually from the 13th century Pied Piper fairytale about leading children off to their deaths. 


What is OUR best guess about how Season 3 of The Killing will end? 

Although making any guess will almost assuredly mean we are wrong, we predict we will learn the following things on Sunday’s Season 3 Finale of The Killing:

The Pied Piper is Carl Reddick.  He formerly worked in sex crimes and is an underachieving white male, frequently absent without alibi during much of the critical action of the show.  He either runs/uses the teenage prostitution ring, including possible brothers Goldie and Joe Mills to identify and claim victims from a seemingly forgotten population.  The prostitution ring is also tied to drug distribution (i.e. many of the young girls are addicts) , giving Twitch, a former addict, reason to have knowledge of and/or owe debts to this group.  Twitch’s Parole Officer may be involved with this group as we believe he is actually the voice on the video with Kallie.  He may use many of drug-dependent teenagers for sex (as he did with Twitch) and hold them hostage to his bidding by keeping them on and/or preparing favorable or unfavorable probation reports.  If Carl Reddick is not the Pied Piper, Twitch’s Parole Officer is our very next suspect.   

Twitch killed Bullet.  As a result, he had money and was released from probation.  He used part of the money to put a security deposit down on an apartment to share with Lyric out of guilt for killing their loyal friend. 

Ray Seward loved the trees and built a treehouse, likely in the woods near the retention pond , for his son, Adrian.  From this vantage point, both men saw the Pied Piper killing and/or dumping his victims in the retention pond.  When the Pied Piper presumably discovered the two, he stalked and killed Trisha Seward, unknowingly in the presence of her young son, Adrian, who was hiding in the closet.  Seward remained quiet about what the two witnessed because if he ever revealed the truth, he feared for the safety of his son, Adrian.  He does everything possible to not acknowledge his son (i.e. “I don’t have a son” to Linden while they are being recorded and watched in prison, removing his tattoo, not signing his adoption papers) in order to ensure his safety. 

James Skinner will disappear in the first hour of the Season Finale, possibly after eyeing Reddick as the cop leaking information in the Pied Piper case.  The two men have always been moderately adversarial, and James Skinner is the only person “dear to Sarah Linden” other than Stephen Holder that could motivate her to put her life on the line.  We originally surmised that Reddick might take Skinner’s daughter as another victim as she certainly matched the victim age/gender range.   Perhaps this action motivates Skinner to give chase, resulting in his abduction.  If it is not Skinner himself gone, our next best guess is that it will be Skinner’s daughter.

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