With less than one week to go before the Season 3 Premiere of The Killing, a great show that AMC was all too eager to dump, it is imperative that we DO everything in our power as a cult fandom to remind the powers that be that The Killing is a show with a passionate following, a show worth renewing, a show worth watching EVERY Sunday.  Here are a few ideas about how you can help!  Let us know your ideas!

  • Change your Facebook Cover Photo, Facebook Profile Picture, Twitter Header, or Twitter Profile Picture to an image from The Killing.  You can find these images at our Tumblr page:  We’ve already done this, and it’s only for ONE week.  Just do it!
  • Please invite at least ONE new follower to follow our fan group on Twitter!  Getting our numbers up helps us get AMC’s attention!  Get at least ONE person excited about The Killing.  Your mom or that weirdo that has a crush on you would probably comply.  Do you part!  You may WIN a prize!
  • Download “Get Glue” for your phone and “like” The Killing.  Check in that you are watching The Killing and include our fan website in your post:  Everytime you watch The Killing (even a rerun), check it!  Encourage others watching The Killing to follow us on Twitter @TheKillingonAMC and visit our website for fans
  • Post at least 1 status this week about the Season Premiere of The Killing on your Facebook page.  If you see an AMC ad or status about the premiere, share it!
  • Get to know fellow fans of The Killing on Facebook.  Send us a friend request.  I’m Lauren Lester Allison.  Friend me!  Any fan of The Killing is a friend of mine!
  • Tweet at least once about the Season Premiere of The Killing and TAG US @thekillingonamc.  We’ll retweet and follow you back!
  • Retweet any tweets about The Killing Season Premiere, especially fan blogs posted on our website!
  • Tweet at least once this week about why you LOVE The Killing!  We’ll retweet and follow you back!
  • Tweet your congratulations to the cast of The Killing on Twitter!  We’ll retweet!
  • Plan a premiere party for The Killing and upload your food plans, decorations, and guest pictures to Instagram.  If you have a drinking game for the premiere, let us know!  We’ll share!
  • Plan to LIVE TWEET during the Season Premiere of The Killing on Sunday, June 2nd!  We will!  We’ll announce the hash tag as the date approaches!
  • If you LOVE The Killing & its Season 3 premiere, BOMBARD AMC with tweets telling them so!  Tweet at: TheKilling_AMC, @AMC_TV.  Be sure to tag us @TheKillingonAMC too, so we can retweet!

Tweet us any other ideas throughout the week!  We will have a new blog entry EVERY day all week long, so visit our website!


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