Fan Blog: Loved Twin Peaks? You’ll Dig The Killing


1. Both shows draw us in with the promise of a compelling murder mystery revolving around a young girl who is quickly revealed to have had many secrets;

2. As we follow the detectives assigned to working the case, (Agent Cooper in Twin Peaks, Detective Sarah Linden and Detective Stephen Holder in The Killing) we are, consequently drawn into their personal lives. Early on, it is evident that their pasts will directly affect how they approach solving the case;

3. The girl at the center of the mystery is a charming, dynamic character who seems to have been unaware of the impact she had on the people in her life and the secrets they were willing to keep for her;

4. As the stories progress, we learn that both girls were leading double lives. We begin to wonder if anybody really knew them;

5. Delving deeper into the girls’ secrets, ultimately, takes a psychological toll on everyone involved;

6. We are given a unique opportunity to view the myriad of ways people grieve, particularly, the fathers. Leland Palmer has a nervous breakdown while Stan Larsen backslides into violence.

7 .All of the characters on both shows are so very real. They are flawed, confused, vulnerable, and susceptible to temptation. You become deeply invested in their redemption, or lack thereof.

8.Both shows are a slow burn. As the mystery draws to a conclusion, there are some curveballs thrown at you, but, really, it is all about the characters and how their story lines intersect. We go to some dark places because human nature is quite dark even if it is concealed in a pretty package.

9. In both shows, it seems as if we are constantly being reminded that no one gets a free pass.  Your sins will always come back to haunt you.

10. The moody atmosphere of each show is expertly crafted with deliberate pacing, gloomy locales where the sun never seems to shine, and an amazing score. The music especially helps convey the darkness and the suspense. The music really is a character in itself


And speaking of that eerie music that kept us on the edge of our seats, here is a sampling….


By: LC Fremont (Follow her on Twitter @lcfremont)

I’m just a girl who grew up on Hitchcock, horror and awesome 80’s television.

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