Fan Blog: How I Fell in Love with “The Killing”


Hi There Fellow Fans!

So, I’ve never really done anything quite like this before. Never blogged in my entire life and haven’t done much “personal creative writing.” But then I thought and I came to the realization that’d I do whatever I could to make “The Killing” get more recognition.  So, here I am. This show truly deserves an unbelievable amount of credit and respect. Unfortunately, it hasn’t received nearly the warm welcome I’d hope it would, but thanks to a deal with Netflix, we have another shot to put “The Killing” in the public eye where it should be!


I must confess. I myself only heard about the show thanks to Netflix. It was not that I had heard about it or come across it once before; my very first exposure was seeing it offered on Netflix. I am a murder mystery/ thriller/ crime show lover and how could I possibly resist a show named “The Killing?” I had no hope from the start! I first discovered the show when I had some free time on my hands. “The Killing” was already in limbo, and I said to myself… how attached can I really get to a show that hasn’t been renewed?! BIG MISTAKE! I almost immediately fell in love with the show. The characters’ dynamic is so real, so lifelike. The pain that these characters feel is not just something you are watching someone experience, but rather, you are experiencing it with them: Feeling the pain when Rosie’s parents find out she is murdered, feeling betrayal when Linden thinks Holder is hiding police evidence, or feeling panic when Jack is missing for a whole day from his mother. All of these emotions that “The Killing” allows its viewers to feel are one of the many reasons this show is nothing short of spectacular. One of the main reasons, however, I truly love it is because it is so drastically different from any other standard police procedural drama on television.


“The Killing” is so real, true, and honest. Fans were upset when the show did not reveal the killer at the end of season one. Come on people… in real life, it doesn’t take police officers one 60 minute episode to solve a crime! I feel that shows like CSI, The Mentalist, and NCIS (just to name a few) have really ruined the public’s perceptions of what actual police work looks like. You don’t catch a killer in 2 days.  You don’t get blood work and test results back within a half a day. You don’t find DNA evidence splattered all over the crimes scene. I believe this is something that “The Killing” really makes a point to showcase. While the detectives on the show may grab a new piece of evidence that does not mean it is the automatic key to solving the puzzle. Furthermore, every little hunch they have about the case is not indulged by their superiors. Linden and Holder must fight for what they believe; they must work tirelessly, go over evidence again and again, push and fight for what they believe in, cross a few lines, and above all trust each other. Only, when they have succeeded in doing all these things are they able to piece together what really happened to Rosie Larsen.


Some critics didn’t appreciate all aspects of the show, but” The Killing” still feels genuine and true.  I feel the struggle that these two detectives undergo to obtain justice for Rosie. WE sat, WE watch, and WE solved the case of who killed Rosie Larsen right along with Linden and Holder. And now, it’s time to sit, watch, and solve another case with them for season three of The Killing on AMC on Sunday, June 2! I am so excited to share this with all of you fellow fans!! I will be live tweeting every week and cannot wait to hear what you all have to say!


By: Lauren Oppe

Want to know a little about Lauren?

First time blogger Lauren Oppe is from … well no set place. Bouncing around between her hometown in IL, apartment at her university, and an out of state hotel room for an internship she’s pretty much just all over the place! Lauren is currently in school finishing up her degree in Hospitality Administration. Her main hobby is finding new TV shows to obsessed about … *cough cough* The Killing and then spreading the word around to family, friends, and twitter pals in hopes to create more fans and recognition for her favorite shows! She can’t wait to live tweet with you every Sunday for The Killing @_LaurenKay_

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