Character Introduction: Bex Taylor-Klaus as Bullet

With all the anticipation and secrecy surrounding Season 3 of The Killing, we had our work cut out for us in order to provide you with even a tiny teaser about some of the new characters that will be joining Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder on The Killing this season. If you watched the recent “A Look at Season 3: Inside The Killing” put out by The Hollywood Reporter, you caught a glimpse of a new character called Bullet and portrayed by Bex Taylor-Klaus. If you missed the featurette, you can see the video in its entirety if you scroll down. We also invite you to watch three videos published by Bex as she prepared to become Bullet!

We watched the AMC preview and then proceeded to pepper the lovely, talented, and gracious Bex Taylor-Klaus with questions. Here’s what we can tell you about Bullet:

· She’s a badass. We’ve drawn our conclusion from just the photos. See below.


 · She’s quite a scrappy little street kid. Series creator described this group of the Seattle population as “the type of victim that can go missing for days, weeks, months, and no one notices, except, of course, Sarah Linden and Detective Stephen Holder.” Bex explained the importance of highlighting this particular group: “This season is important because it brings to light a problem in this world that people don’t really want to see.”


 · She is 16 years old.


· She’s been on the street for 3 years.


 · She’s has a heart of gold.


 · She wants to be able to fix everything, save everyone.


 · She doesn’t want to see people get hurt.


· She’s a “force to be reckoned with.” (See first, uh, bullet. Wow, we really walked right into that one.)


 · She’s a lovable pain in the butt, as in lovable AND very difficult.


Frankly, it seems to be quite a thing for the leading ladies on this show. You know, lovable, tough, difficult, but a very well-intentioned, if a little tragic, heroine? Sarah Linden, we’re looking at you! We also know that fans of The Killing prefer our characters complicated, and with the “rough” and “honest” feel this season, we expect no less for our beloved Bullet.


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