Fan Perspective: Five Reasons Why I Love The Killing

A word of introduction from @TheKillingonAMCFans: We have absolutely LOVE hearing from fans of The Killing about why they love the show. We’ve heard the sublime (i.e. heated character intensity barely subdued by rain and darkness) to the understandable (i.e. the redhead) to the, well, just a little strange (You know who you are, and no, we won’t be repeating that here). Today, we are so pleased to welcome @icupcake to share what makes The Killing so incredibly special. Interesting in sharing why you love The Killing? Tweet us @thekillingonamc or email us: You could be our NEXT featured guest blogger! Without further ado, here’s exactly why the lovely Michelle Wilkins (@icupcake) loves The Killing:

I. It wraps its dark, drizzly mood around you, pulling you instantly into a world that feels so authentic, you might as well be on a holodeck.


2. The cliffhanger done to exquisite perfection. Each week I’m left with that bittersweet anguish of delayed gratification. I’ve sawed off two thirds of my couch and thrown it away. It seems I only need the edge of my seat these days.


3. The cinematography is exceptional. So many shows become complacent in their camera work, more concerned with grinding out as many episodes as possible as quickly and cheaply as they can, but that’s not the case here, oh no, these angles and shots are more reminiscent of film noire at its finest. Especially look out for the use of shadow in key scenes. The tone set for The Killing is deliberate and as much art as it is entertainment.


4. Feel like a third wheel in the best, possible sense. Linden & Holder take their rightful place in the pantheon of dramaturgical dyads with the greats: Mulder & Scully, Walt & Jesse, Sam & Dean, etc.; the list is long, sacred and yes my friends, these two are now etched in stone somewhere near the top.

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5. Total immersion in multiple points of view. The architects of the show supply viewers with such compelling, sympathetic context for a truly dizzying array of characters, we find ourselves rooting for, while simultaneously suspecting many of them of possibly committing various atrocities. You begin to feel comfortably omniscient in this familiar, yet murky world only to have your favorite character and or suspect knock you and your conclusions on your respective asses! Now that’s what you rushed home for!

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