The Killing Retrospective: 5 Things to Remember from Episode 1.06 “What You Have Left”


1. Linden and Holder visit with Lt. Oakes about links between the Rosie Larsen murder and other cases involving missing girls.  Holder ask Oakes about a search warrant for the residence of Bennet Ahmed, but Oakes refuses, indicating the pair must have more evidence before attempting to secure the warrant.  Linden and Holder later learn from a neighbor of Bennet Ahmed that a girl arrived at his home around 10:00 PM on that Friday evening.  After reviewing a photograph, Linden and Holder confirm that the girl was Rosie Larsen.  Linden and Holder confront Bennet with this new evidence, and Bennet eventually claims that he forget that Rosie stopped by the evening to return a book she borrowed.  Linden requests footage from the school to determine how long Bennet remained at the dance that night.

2. Holder sits in the car with a man who mentions the Larsen case.  Holder indicates that Bennet Ahmed is the prime suspect.  The man tells Holder that Stan Larsen used to provide muscle for Janek Kovarsky’s mob and once had a severe gambling problem.  Meanwhile, Linden reviews footage from the school dance, learning that Bennet left the dance at 11:20 PM and could not have let Rosie Larsen into his apartment.

3. The Principal of Fort Washington High School visits with Richmond to tell him that the police are investigating Bennet Ahmed.  Gwen cancels the campaign advertising featuring Bennet Ahmed, and Jamie advises Richmond to distance himself from Bennet.  Richmond is resistant.  Later, Senator Eaton tells Richmond that failure to distance himself from Bennet Ahmed would be political suicide.

4. During a televised debate between Richmond and Mayor Adams, Richmond promises morality, using his Seattle basketball program as an example.  Mayor Adams immediately asks whether one of the group’s mentors (Bennet) is the chief suspect in the Larsen murder.  Richmond staunchly defends Bennet as innocent until proven guilty.  Conversely, Mayor Adams accuses Richmond of coddling criminals.

5. The Larsen family hold Rose’s wake in their garage.  Bennet attends.  Belko receives a telephone call from his high school contact, and he relays news to Stan that Bennet is the prime suspect.  Stan Larsen engages Bennet in conversation and later offers him a ride, so they can visit further about Rosie.  At Bennet’s home, Linden and Holder are unable to make contact with Bennet or his wife, and a neighbor accuses Bennet of carrying a girl wrapped in a blanket out to a black sedan on the night of the murder.  Linden immediately presses Holder to get in touch with Bennet.  At the wake, Bennet’s cell phone that he placed on the table rings repeatedly.  Linden and Holder arrive at the wake to learn that Bennet is with Stan Larsen.  Inside the vehicle, Bennet points out that Stan missed the exit to his house.  Stan ignores him.


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