The Killing Retrospective: 5 Things to Remember from Episode 1.05 “Super 8”


1. The Larsen family continues to reel in the wake of Rosie’s murder.  Youngest son, Denny, takes money from his father’s wallet and walks to the grocery store in his pajamas to get breakfast cereal.  Older son, Tom, wets the bed.  Mitch and Terry quibble about food in the house and who will pick up groceries for the family.  Stan learns from employee and family friend, Belko, that many moving orders are being cancelled in light of the murder, and he eventually convinces Stan to allow him to try to learn who at the high school is being investigated for Rosie’s murder.

2. At the high school, Linden and Holder question Bennet Ahmed.  He denies ever driving a campaign vehicle belonging to the Darren Richmond campaign.  Although he admits that he attended the Halloween Dance (the last place Rosie Larsen was seen alive), he claims he returned home immediately thereafter.  His pregnant wife, however, cannot confirm his alibi as she was staying with her sister while the floors were being refinished.  Bennet insists his communications with Rosie were merely an “intellectual discourse” and provides Linden with a copy of a Super 8 film project Rosie made.  The film includes images of butterflies and Rosie riding her bicycle, and the film clearly involved the assistance of another person to capture.  Holder later informs Linden that Bennet cancelled the floor refurnishing job which contradicts his earlier statement to police.  Holder openly wonders if some sort of tryst gone wrong led Bennet to kill Rosie.  After learning that Bennet is married to a former student, Linden and Holder prepare to visit with Bennet’s wife.

3. At his apartment, Gwen tells Darren that the Rosie Larsen murder harms the campaign and asks him to request that the Larsen parents appear in a commercial.  Later, he meets with Jamie who informs him of an upcoming meeting with Mayor Adams and again argues that Gwen is the campaign leak.  Richmond disagrees.  Later, at the supermarket, Richmond spots Mitch Larsen and tries to comfort her by telling her the story of his own wife’s death after being hit by a drunk driver.

4. Jamie meets with Mayor Adams and admits his frustration with Richmond.  Adams then mentions another councilwoman who tried to plant someone in his campaign.  When Jamie again secretly meets with Richmond, his informs him that he suspects the councilwoman is the leak and mentions that Gwen used to work for that councilwoman.  Richmond and Gwen confront the councilwoman, threatening with a felony if she attempts to revoke her endorsement.  Richmond later shoots a campaign commercial, highlighting his Seattle basketball program.  As the camera film, he places his arm around Bennet Ahmed, a coach in the program.

5. At Bennet’s home, Linden and Holder speak with his wife, Amber.  She mentions that Bennet wrote her many letters during high school, encouraging her to follow her dreams.  Linden asks to use the bathroom but instead snoops around in another room, discovering a cache of plastic sheeting and chemicals, including ammonium hydroxide.  Sarah later requests that Rosie’s body be tested for that chemical.  A lab technician later confirms that Rosie tested clean for drugs and alcohol but positive for ammonium hydroxide, which could explain the lack of evidence underneath her fingernails and inconclusive tests for sexual assault.


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