A Few Juicy Tidbits about The Killing Season 3

For those of you that did not read the EW interview with Series Creator, Veena Sud, about the upcoming season of The Killing, we would like to break down the “WTH” tidbits of information we learned about our beloved characters, well, mainly Linden….


Linden has not seen Holder since the moment she stepped out the car and walked away approximately one year ago. (Our Fan Response: All the shippers out there just became a little bit sad.  Does absence make the heart grow fonder?  With Sarah Linden, we suspect that is very unlikely.)

RedickandHolder  StephenHolderSeason3

Linden is no longer with the Seattle Police Department, but instead, she works in some law enforcement capacity for the ferry.  (Our Fan Response: Very much like the original Danish version where the disgraced and weary heroine was sent to work essentially a border patrol job after solving the murder.)

Linden lost custody of her son, Jack, to her ex-husband.  (Our Fan Response: Honestly, this is quite sad for our leading lady, but we did grow a little weary of the bratty kid distraction.)


Linden has taken a 25 year-old lover.  (Our Fan Response: Who is this kid?  Presumably, it is “Cody” played by actor, Andrew Jenkins.  You can see him below.  He appears in only three episodes this season.  All the shippers out there will be somewhat saddened by this news, but frankly, we suspect all the women on the planet will be somewhat understanding. Hey, a woman has needs!)


Tom Seward, played by Peter Sarsgaard, is, in fact, the father of Adrian, the little boy who drew the picture of the trees over and over after Linden responded to the call on the murder of his mother.  He is on death row and quickly approaching his execution date.  Presumably, Linden helped put him away, but she still does not believe he is guilty of the crime.  (Our Fan Response: Because Sarah Linden needs one more thing to feel guilty about…)


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