The Killing Retrospective: 5 Things to Remember from Episode 1.04 “A Soundless Echo”


1. Linden and Holder bring Kris and Jasper to the station for questioning, placing them in nearby holding rooms and hinting to both that the other is in the process of making a deal.  Jasper insists that the cell phone video is not what it appears while Kris claims that he would never hurt Rosie Larsen as she was always nice to him.  Later, Rosie’s friend, Sterling, confesses that she was the girl from the video.  She tells Linden and Holder that she was drunk and tired of Rosie getting all of the attention from the boys.  She stated that she put on Rosie’s costume after Rosie left the dance and the blood at the scene was from a nose bleed.  She expressed her belief that Rosie could have been meeting up with someone as she frequently left events early and rode the city bus.

2. Richmond reels after learning that he is very much behind in the voter polls against incumbent Mayor Adams.  Gwen suggests that Richmond accept a campaign donation from a wealthy entrepreneur with a questionable reputation who loathes Adams.  Jamie meets with Mayor Adams and contemplates accepting employment with his campaign.  Gwen secretly calls his father, Senator Eaton, asking him to arrange a meeting between Richmond and the entrepreneur, Tom Drexler.  Senator Eaton agrees but cautions Gwen about her sexual relationship with Richmond.  At a private penthouse party, Drexler gives Richmond a $50,000 check, claiming that he wants the mayor to know that he helped him lose the election.  Richmond later meets with Jamie Wright who advises him about Mayor Adams and returns to the Richmond campaign.

3. Stan Larsen and family friend and employee, Belko Royce, drive to a suburban home Stanley purchased as a surprise for his family before Rosie’s death.  Stan worries he can no longer afford the home.  Belko offers to kill Richmond, suggesting a contract killing, but Stan reminds Belko that he does not do that anymore.  Later, Stan enters a Polish restaurant to see Janek Kovarsky.  Stan confides in Janek about his financial problems.  Janek offers him several thousand dollars, trying to woo him into the fold by reminding him that family always comes first.  Stan resists Janek’s association, insisting that he and Janek are not family.  Nonetheless, Stan accepts the money and stashes the money in a drawer at his moving company office.

4. The Larsens struggle with planning Rosie’s funeral.  Mitch fixates on the symbols of crucifixion at the church.  They both feel that Linden has not been honest with them about Rosie’s cause of death after learning that she was alive when the car entered the water.  Mitch contacts Sterling at Fort Washington High School, hugging her and insisting she was not to blame for Rosie’s death.  Mitch also meets a teacher, Bennet Ahmed, who tells her that Rosie was a smart and driven young lady.  He shares Rosie’s favorite book with Mitch, offering the book to her as a keepsake.

5. Following Linden’s orders, Holder rides the city bus that Sterling mentioned during their last conversation.  He asks the driver if he can identify Rosie’s picture, but he does not remember her.  Just as Holder is about to give up, a new driver takes over, and he informs Holder that Rosie was an occasional passenger who rode to the end of the bus line.  Holder rides to the end of the bus line and follows a passenger exiting the bus and wearing a high school varsity jacket to the headquarters of Seattle All-Stars, an after-school basketball program supported by Darren Richmond.  Holder begins to show Rosie’s photograph to some of the students there when he is directed to a photo on the wall of one of the teams with their coach, Bennet Ahmed.  Meanwhile, Linden discovers several handwritten letters hidden in Rosie’s room, and she reads a long letter signed simply “Bennet.”


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