The Killing Retrospective: 5 Things to Remember from Episode 1.03 “El Diablo”


1. At Fort Washington High School, Linden discovers the peephole in “The Cage,” and Principal Meyers unlocks an adjoining room to which only she and the school janitor, Lyndon Johnson Rosales, have a key.  Linden and Holder visit the apartment Rosales shares with his mother. While Holder distracts the mother, Linden explores the apartment, finding a teen-themed pornographic magazine on the floor.  Rosales suddenly approaches from behind, slashing her arm with a knife.  Holder rushes to her aid, his gun drawn, while Linden pleads with Rosales that they simply want to talk to him.  Rosales jumps out of the apartment window, fracturing his skull.

2. Linden and Holder visit with Rosales at the hospital after learning he has an alibi for the night of Rosie’s disappearance (He was arrested for drunk driving and spent the night in jail).  Rosales confirms seeing Rosie in “The Cage,” but he does not recognize Jasper.  Instead, he points to a yearbook photo of Kris Echols, a figure he identifies as “El Diablo” (Spanish for “the devil”)

3. Mayoral candidate, Darren Richmond, struggles in the wake of the news of the discovery of the body of Rosie Larsen in his campaign car.  He learns that his campaign aid, Jamie Wright, leaked the news of Rosie’s body in the campaign car to news outlets early.  Campaign aid, Gwen Eaton, suspects Jamie of playing both sides of the Mayoral race, looking for long term employment with the eventual winner.  When confronted about the news leak, Jamie accuses Richmond of allowing his sexual relationship with Gwen to cloud his judgment, to blind him to the reality that Gwen is using him to advance her own political career.  Jamie finds useful information to help Richmond win back a key endorsement before leaving the office with a box of his personal belongings under his arm.

4. Linden and Holder identify Kris Echols, Jasper’s best friend and a runaway currently expelled from high school.  Kris’s mother confesses that Kris has a drug problem and mainly hangs out at a skate park.  At the skate park, Linden and Holder notice the skate park is within walking distance of the Richmond campaign car parking lot and wonder if Kris walked there and stole the car.  After spotting Kris, Holder pins him down and asks him if he used drugs with Rosie Larsen, perhaps even causing her to overdose.  Kris later accused Jasper of telling the police they were at the dance that Friday evening.

5. At Fort Washington High School, a teacher tries to silence a confiscated cell phone when it rings in his hand.  He inadvertently starts a video.  At the police station, Linden, Holder, and Oakes watch the cell phone video.  The video shows a man, wearing a devil’s mask, forcing himself on a girl in a pink wig and witch costume.  The male mentions Rosie’s name and removes his mask.  It is Jasper.  He trades places with the camera man who happens to be Kris.  Oakes instructs Linden and Holder to bring the boys in for questioning.


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