A Fan’s Perspective: Why Michelle Forbes Made The Killing My Favorite Show on TV

Mitch Larsen

A Fan’s Perspective: Why Michelle Forbes Made The Killing My Favorite Show on TV

By @teamForbes

Michelle Forbes has definitely come a long way in the field of acting.  She debuted on our television screens at the age of 22, portraying twins on the daytime soap “Guiding Light’ (for which she received a Daytime Emmy Award nomination).  She later appeared in feature films/tv programs “Kalifornia” and HBO’s “True Blood” (portraying the enigmatic Maryann Forrester).

Accordingly, it should come as no surprise that the Austin, Texas native, Michelle Forbes, would win a Saturn Award for her powerful portrayal of Mitch Larsen in one of AMC TV’s biggest and most popular series, “The Killing”.

Michelle rocks her character, Mitch Larsen, in every aspect imaginable.  For someone who has never had the joy of motherhood or experienced the tragedy of losing a child, she plays a grieving parent exceptionally and convincingly well.  Forbes is such an accomplished and talented actress that it is surprising how her gift is overlooked by so many.  Michelle Forbes is to Mitch Larsen, what Faye Dunaway was to Joan Crawford in “Mommy Dearest.”  Certainly, some people will like her, some will hate her, and others cannot distinguish between the actor and the role.

Forbes is like a chameleon, in that, like a chameleon changes colors to adjust to the background it sits on, Forbes changes her demeanor to fit the characters she portrays.  Michelle makes “The Killing” a crime drama that reaches out of the TVscreen, grabs the viewer by the throat, and does not let go until it’s done.  As Mitch, Michelle Forbes is magnificent, brilliant, and one if the best character actresses around.  And “The Killing” would not have been the same without Michelle Forbes as Mitch Larsen.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: You can follow @teamFORBES  on Twitter for more fan information about Michelle Forbes and The Killing.  A huge Michelle Forbes fan since the beginning of her acting career, @teamFORBES is a native Texan who enjoys science fiction, horror, and comedy movies.  @teamFORBES also enjoys reading, writing, poetry, and playing guitar.

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