The Killing Retrospective: 5 Things to Remember from Episode 1.02 “The Cage”


1. Stan and his wife, Mitch, Larsen identify the body as their daughter, Rosie Larsen.  Linden’s supervisor, Lieutenant Oakes, studies a butterfly necklace and a key chain with a bird emblem found on Rosie’s body.  Oakes pleads with Linden to remain on the case at least one more day to look into the Darren Richmond campaign, as the keys to the campaign vehicle were discovered in the ignition of the submerged vehicle.

2. Linden and Holder visit the Darren Richmond campaign office, and Linden implores Richmond to refrain from commenting publicly about the Rosie Larsen murder.  Later, Richmond’s campaign aides, Gwen Eaton and Jamie Wright, encourage Richmond to go public with the news of the Larsen murder likening the tragedy to his own wife’s death in order to generate voter sympathy.  Richmond refuses to do so, but he privately orders an internal investigation.  Later, he receives a telephone call from a reporter requesting information about Rosie Larsen and the campaign car.

3. Linden and Holder learn the Darren Richmond campaign reported the car retrieved from the lake stolen on Saturday morning following the Friday dance Rosie attended.  Since multiple campaign workers used the vehicle, drivers frequently left the keys in the ignition for convenience.  Linden and Holder interview Rosie’s friend, Sterling, who admits she lost track of Rosie at the dance on Friday night and assumed she was with former boyfriend, Jasper.  Holder notes the expensive designer shoes that Rosie wore to the dance on Friday night and concludes that Jasper, from an affluent family, could likely afford such a gift.  Before Linden is able to complete her interview with Jasper at Fort Washington High School, Jasper’s father, Michael Ames, arrives and terminates the police interview with his son.  Once alone with Jasper, Michael strikes his son in the face.

4. While loitering outside the school, Holder visits with two girls about nearby campus party places, and one girl mentions a venue known as “The Cage.”  Holder locates the secret room in an abandoned, boarded-off area of the school basement.

5. At the station, Oakes discusses the coroner’s report on the death of Rosie Larsen with Linden.  Linden learns that, although the time of death is unclear, Rosie was alive when the car entered the water because she ripped off her fingernails trying to claw her way out of the sinking vehicle.  Even though Linden insists she is leaving for Sonoma, she visits “The Cage” at Holder’s behest, finding a blood-soaked mattress, drug paraphernalia, a hat similar to the one Rosie wore to the dance, and a filthy wall covered in bloody handprints.


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