The Killing Retrospective: 5 Things to Remember from Episode 1.01 “Pilot”


1. Homicide Detective Sarah Linden of the Seattle Police Department is preparing to move to Sonoma, California in order to marry her fiancé, Rick, and to begin a new life with son, Jack, when she agrees to handle one last assignment, taking her soon-to-be replacement, Stephen Holder, with her to the crime scene.

2. At the crime scene, Linden and Holder discover a bloody pink sweater and an ATM card bearing the name, “Stanley Larsen.”  Linden and Holder contact the Larsen family and learn daughter, Rosie Larsen, did not stay the weekend with a friend and has not been seen since for two days.

3. At Fort Washington High School (where Rosie is a student), Linden urges school officials, Darren Richmond, a Seattle City Councilman and Mayoral Candidate, and incumbent Seattle Mayor, Lesley Adams, to cancel the student assembly planned to feature the two political rivals in light of Rosie’s disappearance.

4. Stanley Larsen contacts Rosie’s friend, Sterling, who confesses that Rosie was with Jasper, a former boyfriend, over the weekend, and when several possible burial sites nearby where the bloody sweater was found lead nowhere, Linden reluctantly prepares to leave the scene, assuming Rosie Larsen is no longer a missing person.

5. As Linden prepares to leave the scene, she spots three people with fishing poles walking a fire road to nearby lake.  As night falls, a crane hoists a black car out of the lake with a teenage girl, bound and dead in the trunk.  The license plate number on the car reveals the vehicle belongs to the Darren Richmond mayoral campaign.


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